Business systems + structure = FREEDOM 

 I'm that person (type A meets East Coaster with a lil' dash of OCD) who knows that a master plan for your business + systems and behind the scenes organization allows you, Ms. Online Entrepreneur, to be more productive, creative, efficient and effective.   

My brain marries strategy (big picture) with critical thinking (details) really well. 

I work really well with women who have online businesses and your business model is designed around a service.

Coaches and Consultants, Financial planners, Graphic Designers, Travel Planners/Agents, Money Coaches, Health Coaches, Copy Editors, Event Organizers, Corporate Leadership Talent Advisors and Nutritionists are just a few of my clients.

"I hired Johanna to help create and implement business systems as well as to help me build out my business strategy plan. I needed someone who could manage day to day while also be thinking one or two steps ahead on the strategic front. But I was hesitant because I've been in control of my business for so long. Who knew my business, customers and mission better than I?  I had to be ready to trust and hand off responsibilities to allow her to do my job so my business could grow. This is what sets Johanna apart from others. Know that when you hire Johanna, things will get done as good (or better than you could have done them yourself!) Johanna exceeded every expectation I had of her." ~ Sandra Hanna, Founder and CEO of Smart Cookies.

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"Before I hired Johanna, I only had an assistant. Just before I connected with Johanna, I realized I needed someone to join me in the business and help me manage what I had created. I needed someone to take projects off my plate and see them through to completion. I needed someone who can think, strategize and lead when I'm not leading. Johanna is exactly who I wanted to bring onto my team - organized, detailed, worldly, conscious, living a lifestyle that matched my brand and values, who thinks strategy and details and can also adapt easily.

Since hiring Johanna, I've felt incredibly supported with both my business plan and strategy. I don't feel alone in my business anymore. I didn’t realize how heavy that weight has been of being an entrepreneur and now the dream is shared. Johanna and I collaborate and dream bigger. It's very exciting for me to realize that it’s a team affair which makes it more fun for me."  ~ Brittney Castro, Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women.

Note from Johanna : Hi there and welcome! I'm so glad you found me. If you're thinking about hiring me or another online business manager, here's a couple things to consider. I only work with business owners that are ready, willing and able to make an investment (read : spend money and time ) in their business by hiring me. This means you have been in business long enough to know what parts of your business you love love love (the creative part? Or perhaps teaching? Or maybe the client work?) and which parts of the business you detest (the planning, the day to day operations, the strategy aka bigger plan), but know they are a necessary evil.

The details and minutia that you don't like, I enjoy. I LOVE LOVE planning out a strategy while figuring out all the bazillion details that must fall into place.  My brain is a champ at seeing the strategy (big picture) and the necessary critical thinking (details)  while being able to turn that into a totally digestible, succinct, do-able business plan, (or course launch or marketing campaign) by you. Most of my clients have been in business for a minimum of 3-4 years and have revenue over $100,000.   They show up ready to hire me because they know you can go further together. 

"I hired Johanna because she handed me her business card and said we need to talk. I said, yes we do! At the time, I knew I needed help getting my business to the next stage, to grow my business. Without help, I was going to stay exactly where I was.

Prior to meeting Johanna, I did a self-evaluation and knew that my strengths are lots of things, but not operations and strategy. The fine tuning of ideas and project plans nor follow up are areas where I shine. I’d be languishing if I didn’t hire someone to get them in order.  

Since we started working together, my ducks are now in a row! I’ve had consistent content to my website and all social media platforms. I am now sending out newsletters and have cultivated my database into a useable resource. I am getting new inquiries from prospective clients and web traffic is up 5x.  Johanna and I have developed a plan to grow my business  and for the first time in two years, I'm absolutely confident in my success.

The biggest impact working with Johanna has had on me is perspective. I can clearly see what I have the potential to achieve. Being able to dream big has given me renewed excitement and enthusiasm. I see potential and possibility for the first time in a long time thanks to Johanna. She pushes me in ways I didn’t realize were possible and you know what? It has not only bolstered my sales, it boosts my self-confidence!"Bambi Wineland, Founder and CEO of MotherlandTravel

"I hired Johanna because I was really feeling like I’ve been spinning my wheels for a long time, trying to figure things (business plan, strategy, next steps) out on my own. We're not all good at everything. I knew I wouldn't move forward until I hired someone who was good at the business, operations and strategy side of things. I need someone else’s brain to be involved. Specifically I need help thinking through where I am vs where I want to be and to map out that path to get there. It's so comforting to say to Johanna "Can you help me get from A to Z because I can't get there on my own?"  I was told by a friend “OMG you get so much more out of hiring Johanna than you’re paying for. Totally worth every penny.” It was in that moment I knew I had to make an investment in her to move forward." ~ Gili Wolf, Founder of Fine Feather Creative