My name is Johanna Voss. 

Note from Johanna : Hi there and welcome! I'm so glad you found me. If you're thinking about hiring me or another online business manager, here's a couple things to consider.

I'm a proud graduate of Marie Forleo's B-school program since 2013. 

I only work with business owners that are ready, willing and able to make an investment (read : spend money and time ) in their business by hiring me. This means you have been in business long enough to know what parts of your business you love love love (the creative part? Or perhaps teaching? Or maybe the client work?) and which parts of the business you detest (the planning, the day to day operations, the strategy aka bigger plan), but know they are a necessary evil.

The details and minutia and the strategy and planning that you don't like, I enjoy.

I LOVE LOVE planning out a strategy while figuring out all the bazillion details that must fall into place.  My brain is a champ at seeing the strategy (big picture) and the necessary critical thinking (details)  while being able to turn that into a totally digestible, succinct, do-able business plan, (or course launch or marketing campaign) by you.

Most of my clients have been in business for a minimum of 3-4 years and have revenue over $100,000.   They show up ready to hire me because they know we can go further together. 

'Cuz I know that we are both trying to do it all, be it all, exercise like we know we should, cut back on the cappuccinos after lunch, hang out with our girlfriends and find pockets of quiet time to recharge during this hurricane of life. 

And most of all, be successful business women. 

You want clients (and we always want more of them!) You want clients because clients mean not only are the lights staying on, but more importantly, you're teaching your genius to the world. 

Be it coach, speaker, financial planner, interior designer, wedding planner, travel agent, lawyer or event planner, you want to be out from behind the computer, meeting with your people, your clients, speaking to the masses and connecting 1:1 to teach, inspire, motivate, coach and create.

I know you didn't go into business to figure out how to onboard your clients. Nor did you go into business to determine how to stay in touch with your prospects. Nor did you go into business to create a 12-18 month calendar of all your offerings, events and activities. 

I can do all that (and then some) for you.