Can I delete that for you?

I am a woman who appreciates lack of clutter, the strong presence of organization and the minimalist approach. 

I get itchy fingers when I see piles on kitchen counters, beds and tabletops. 

I now embrace my love of deletion and purging. 

When it comes to my business, it's very important to have organized files. And as no one really uses paper and filing cabinets anymore, I'm looking at you DropBox and Google Drive. 

A few weeks ago, I spent the morning reviewing, purging, deleting, re-locating and un-sharing myself from irrelevant dropbox folders and files, inbox folders and google drive documents. 

Have you purged, reorganized and deleted files and folders in your business lately?

Not only is it liberating, but you will actually be able to find stuff with greater ease. So when you're sending that client email and start searching around for the attachment you need, it will be closer to your fingertips. 

If you're not sure where to start, here's a couple ideas to get you going : 

  • Dropbox - Remove yourself from folders of past clients. Reorganize your folders with #'s so that your go-to folders are top of list. Delete unnecessary files, images and folders
  • Your inbox - Delete emails you've been saving but haven't looked at in a year. Reorganize/categorize your folders with current and relevant business
  • GoogleDrive - Create a folder for past client work and put all client folders in it. Update your spreadsheets. Organize files that are floating without being attached to a folder. 

I'd be happy to come over and help you delete and purge......

Carry on,