I partner with service based businesses to help them grow and run more efficiently.

My speciality, in working with service based business is to help you with the operations of your business (what goes on behind the scenes) as well as helping you map out a strategy for your business.

All the parts that keep a business running and growing (client onboarding, lead follow up, invoicing, scheduling, organizing your calendar, developing new prospects, maintaining a CRM among other daily tasks) I love doing for you. 

That strategy plan you so desperately need can be a roadmap for your next 12-18 months. It can be how, and when to do an upcoming course launch. It may be how to leverage your network for more business opportunities and partnerships. 

If you don't have a strategy plan for your business, you need one. Otherwise, how else do you know where you're going and what you're doing when?

Services and Platforms I use : 

  • Contactually
  • IFS + MailChimp
  • Dropbox + Google Drive
  • Webinar Jam + GotoWebinar + GoogleHangouts

Below is a list of what my clients hire me to help them with.

  • Strategy
    • Plan out 12-18 month timeline of outreach activities, communication and brand building including launches, program rollouts, speaking opportunities
    • Build launch plan for your online program, workshop, book or latest business offering. Can include step by step launch and project plan as well as marketing series for different audiences as determined by how you launch
    • Create, develop and structure your paid business offerings, including 1:1 offerings, courses, mastermind and programs - let's add more value and uplevel them
    • Create a sales funnel you don't have to think about or fiddle with (and works)
    • Brand an idea of yours and create marketing plan to build a runway to grow the brand, develop an community and become a recognized leader in your field
    • Develop strategic growth plan for your business to:
      • Increase the # of subscribers to your list
      • Increase the # of paid, 1:1 clients
      • Increase the # of students in your online course
    • Systems and automation
      • Create and integrate systems for contact management and relationship building, appointment scheduling, contracts +/or invoicing
      • Create system to respond to, and stay on top of, incoming emails for speaking requests, articles, consulting, client inquiries, brand partnerships and general inquiry
      • Create system to manage your outgoing emails to clients, business and brand partnerships, TV, print, radio and podcast companies and all other general outgoing emails
    • Project Manager
      • Your online launch : can include create marketing plan, build list of promotional partners, schedule and edit emails, lean on partnerships to promote program, get creative about how to build excitement around launch, explore opportunities to share your brand in the lead up to the launch
      • Your team
      • A book launch
      • A program rollout
      • Any of your ideas (for the most part.)
    • Marketing
      • Build out your client pipeline. Can include all steps such as how your clients find you, their initial engagement and experience with your website, what calls to action you ask of them, your follow up once they engage with you, your offerings, how you upsell them and how you stay top of mind
      • Develop 12-18 month editorial calendar
      • Build list of possible partnerships and relationships to leverage
      • Create newsletter onboarding flow and automation
    • Time Management
      • Plan out your daily/weekly/monthly schedule and priorities 
      • Create your ideal calendar based on how you work best, incorporating what you do on a daily and weekly basis

    I am available for a couple clients, to work on retainer as your operations manager. I'm also available on a short term project basis.

    Operations Manager Monthly Retainer Packages start at $1800/month.

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