Questions I'm frequently asked.
Thought I'd put them here for everyone's sake.
Thanks for asking!


Johanna, are you accepting new clients for speaking, brand ambassadorships or influencers?

It depends on your industry, demographic and talent. I don't represent more than a couple clients who are in the same same, or could overlap. Best thing to do is set up a call with me so we can chat more. You can do that below.

Once I hire you as my agent, how does it work? What can I expect of you, Johanna? What do you expect of me?

Great question! I'm so glad you asked.

You can expect me to hustle on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf, ask for more money than you would for a speaking engagement, brand partnership or collaboration, strengthen your network by doing consistent outreach.

You can expect me to always have you on my mind. You can expect me to make introductions of you, for you and to you of people who I think you should meet. You can expect seemingly random ideas from me that may or may not seem to have something to do with you. 

I promise it will all come full circle. 

I'm another set of eyes and ears for you, pitching you and keeping your name top of mind. 

I expect you to be engaged with me, to respond to my texts, emails and calls when I need your feedback, input or approval.

I expect you to be on your shit. You're organized, responsive and not a hot mess. You are ready to show up and do work with me. You pay on time and behind the scenes you aren't scattered nor a hot mess.

I expect you to hustle along with me, creating content, perfecting your speech, working your client deliverables, dreaming up possible partnerships, feeding me ideas of places and people you like to connect with. I expect you to make introductions of me to your network. 

This is a partnership. We work in tandem to support each other, to help the other do their job and to keep the energy, opportunity and connections flowing. 

How do you earn money, Johanna? Is it commission based? Is there a retainer fee?

There are two ways I earn money. One is strictly a commission based structure. I earn 20% of all the deals, speaking engagements and partnerships I negotiate on your behalf.

Depending on your level of success and what stage you are in with your business, we may begin our first 90 days together with a monthly retainer between $1500-$2000/month + 10% of any deals, speaking engagements and partnerships I negotiate on your behalf.

Ultimately I want you to earn money (lots of it) because that's how I earn money (lots of it).

I'm very invested in your success. My goal is to use the 90 days to build you a runway (which involves mostly me pitching you and reaching out on your behalf, doing cold calls, email follow-up and then more follow-ups) to build a flow of incoming opportunities. 

The 90 days is also a chance to test each other out, to make sure it's a good match for both of us and it feels right. 

Can you guarantee me that you'll land me speaking gigs, brand ambassadorship or partnerships?


I have zero control over who hires you, who is looking for a speaker, who wants you to represent their brand, who wants to partner with you, when they want you and for how much. 

What I can guarantee you  is that I will pitch and promote you to the best of my ability. 

This is a marathon, not a sprint. 

It's a business based on relationships, follow up and follow through. Lucky for you, all things I'm good at. Better yet, I enjoy doing them.

Chances are you hate asking for money and pitching yourself. That's exactly what you hire me for.