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Speaking Manager / Booking Agent

Speaking manager

  • Serve a negotiator on your behalf for all speaking and brand partnership inquiries
  • Negotiate contracts, travel plans, presentation/speaking logistics and required marketing promotions as related to events, when necessary
  • When on the ground, make sure your event runs smoothly and all you have to do is show up, present and leave
  • When traveling with you, serve as contact between you and the company that's hired you to ensure your presentation is all set, technology is squared away, they know how to introduce you. Also on hand for any follow up items after your talk/workshop.

If you currently have a speaking career and are looking for an agent


If you are looking to get in touch with Johanna Voss on behalf of a client of hers, please email her at johanna@johannavoss.com or call her at 508 524 1726.

Current clients include :

Lorraine C Ladish, Author, Brand Ambassador, Speaker.

For more on Lorraine, please visit her website HERE. Her media kit is found HERE.

"I glad I have Johanna as my business manager and agent. She complements me perfectly and handles aspects of work that I am not good at or don´t like doing. She pitches, negotiates and speaks on the phone with prospects and clients. I'm now free to pursue the aspects of the biz (content creation, writing, cooking up new projects) which I enjoy much more. I´ve streamlined my work process and managing my time and energy way better. I´m also making more money per job. That happened immediately! With her I have a safety net and I feel we´re in this together. We share a similar hustle mentality, work ethic, values and we both know what we´re each bringing to the table. It feels like being in a really good marriage. And it´s fun! If you can´t laugh with the person you´re working so closely with, it can´t work! 

Brittney Castro, CEO + Founder of Financially Wise Women, Certified Financial Planner, Brand Spokeswoman, Speaker

For more on Brittney, please visit her website HERE