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Hola! Johanna Voss Here.

I help personal brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, brand ambassadors and speakers, expand their reach and impact (while staying sane in the process).

I’ve Been Making Things Happen Since 2001.

My talent for strategy took hold when I worked as a Field Director on two presidential campaigns. I’ve also been a professional question-asker and perpetual problem solver for voices such as Kate Northrup, Viva Fifty and Hispana Global.

And since birth, I’ve craved opportunities to think on my toes and dance with unknowns.

When you add it all up, my calling has always been about making an impact through the missions of incredibly smart, driven people who believe in power of community.

“Behind the Scenes” is My Middle Name. (Actually Bond is my  middle name which is pretty baller.)

Why? Frankly, the limelight isn’t where magic actually happens. I live in the world of rough drafts, cold calls, and hard-won partnerships. You know, all the backflips essential to getting you onto the stage, into the virtual limelight and rocking the red carpet.

You could say I’m built for finding the opportunity for opportunity at a molecular level.

With my clients, Jeannette Kaplun (L) and Lorraine C. Ladish (R) at We All Grow in Long Beach, CA - March 2018

With my clients, Jeannette Kaplun (L) and Lorraine C. Ladish (R) at We All Grow in Long Beach, CA - March 2018

Are you going to eat that?

No matter how big your plate is, you can’t do it all alone.

I repeat: You can’t do it all alone.

Yes, there might have been a time when you kept up with the If-And-But’s of your business...but if you’re at the point where I think you are, it’s probably costing you focus and opportunities to make money doing what you actually love.

If you’re a die-hard fan of teamwork and collaboration, I’d be thrilled to help you do something about it.

As someone once said..it’s takes a village!


More, Better, Bigger, Faster...

…is how I roll. My mind is a whiteboard: I show up with ideas. The question “What if they say no?” is one you’ll never hear me utter. I live in a world of possibility and thrive in the big picture.

Prepare to hand things off, embrace tools that make your life easier, and say yes to opportunities that you couldn’t quite imagine on your own.

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Ready to Swipe Right?

Beautiful. You can’t actually see my face, but I’m excited. Like talking-fast-and-waving-my-hands-around kind of excited.  

Just hop on my calendar and we’ll chat about what the next chapter of your business looks like, what it's going to take to get there and how we can make it happen together.


And if you’re not ready to dive in right this second, but you love bike rides, tea lattes, and finding the edges of your comfort zone as much as I do, follow me on Instagram at @johannavoss (we’ll talk later!).