12 Things I Do Every Day

Just last week, I wrapped up another round of my successful Blissful Health (And a Hot Body Program.) Read more about that HERE. Each and every time that I've run the program, I think more and more about what Blissful Health means to me. healthyhabits1The 28 day program always encourages me to examine my habits, both good and bad. Not just because during the program, I give a peek at my life and how and what I eat. Nor because friends, family and clients are always wondering what's in my pantry and how I spend my day.

My role is a health coach is to help people get on top of their health game by fine tuning what they do well for themselves and make some tweaks and improvements to their diet and time management skills (Seriously. That's what it all comes down to.)

By having these conversations daily with my clients, I can't help but reflect on my own life. And over the past few months, I've gotten great insight and clarity around what healthy habits I have.

It's awesome to think about what I do well and know that my absurd amount of unending energy, crazy running accomplishments and success can all be traced back to a few things that I do day in and day out.


Because in the past few months, I've made a concerted effort to prioritize myself AND simplify. All things I'm hoping also happens to the participants of Blissful Health (And a  Hot Body!)

I'm not saying that I'm perfect (what is perfect really?) but I've figured out what works for me.

Yup, sometimes I'm just in my head too much. I have a big huge case of the "shoulds."

I should go to the grocery store right now.

I should plan out tomorrow's dinner.

I should call that person back.

I should write out next week's newsletter.

It's really, really easy to get lost in your to do list. Or to get caught up in what everyone else wants of you. So quickly can you lose sight of what YOU need to do, CAN do and SHOULD do on a daily basis.

I think we're all in agreement that if you focused a bit more on yourself each and every day, everyone else would benefit.

You know how on an airplane, when emergency procedures are demonstrated before take off, if the oxygen masks come down, you need to put yours on first. THEN you turn and help your kid, seat mate or whomever else needs your assistance.

healthyhabits2It's the same idea. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

On that note, I thought about the 12 things I do every single day to ensure my life hums along nicely.

Wait. Who am I kidding? My life doesn't hum along nicely! It flies along at warp speed and I'm right there keeping up! Laughing my butt off, hanging out with friends, feeling amazing and on top of the world. Each and every day.

1. Make time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These three meals + a couple snack times around 10am and 3/4 pm happen. Every. Single. Day.

Why? Honestly, because I would be the crankiest, b****est, most miserable person if I didn't eat. And this probably goes without saying, but I only eat food. Do I need to say "real" food? I eat fruits and veggies. I eat beans and grains. I eat things that I have to make and they don't come out of a box or a bag. You know how it goes. You are what you eat. So really, eat good food. C'mon now!

"I've got to be good on the inside, or the outside is all for show." ~ Mike Watts

2. Move my booty

I run 5 days a week. And twice a week I work out with Angela Garcia at AG Fitness. Love/hate her but I make it happen. Even on Friday, my rest day, I make sure to go for a walk, to get off my butt and move.

Why? Because I sleep better when I exercise. I'm more creative when I exercise. I'm a nicer, happier person when I sweat it out.

3. Go to bed at an hour my body likes.

Sleep is my new drug. Sometimes, I can get away without exercising. And maybe if I were to not eat "real" food for a meal or two, the world wouldn't end. But if I've lost out on sleep? Watch out world. It matters more what time I go to sleep, not how long I sleep. Regardless of when I lay my head down, I'm usually awake around 6am. So for me, going to bed around 9/9:30pm is a beautiful thing.

Why? No sleep means my attention span goes wayyy down. No sleep means I'm incredibly counterproductive, even worse than being unproductive. No sleep means I don't even like myself.  So I have a google reminder at 8:30pm, Monday - Thursday to go to bed.

4. Take my vitamins.

Ever since I started taking a few choice supplements to support my active lifestyle, my health has gone up a notch. Like, blown-me-out-of-the-water amazing.  My running has gotten faster with quicker recovery and I feel the best I've ever felt. Oh, and No more PMS.   Really, do I need to say anything else?

Why? Watch this video.

5. Give a good hug

I love a good hug and even more so, people who are good huggers.

Why? I love to be loved. Love me up!

6. Stop and look someone directly in the eyes when we're talking

Doing this without a doubt ensures that I'm listening to what they are saying. The upside is that I usually end up smiling.

Why? Because looking someone in the eyes keeps me present. And grateful of the time that the person is taking to talk with me.

7. Talk with a loved one.

I love love love my family and friends. The kind of love that would have me walking on water for them. I would do anything for them and it makes so happy to connect with them.

Why? Because if nothing else, I get to tell them how awesome they are. And who doesn't love to be told they are awesome?

8. Drink water and really, only water.

As my friend Nick says, hydrate to feel great. In my view if it's not water, it's a liquid with wayy more sugar than I need to consume. Every once in awhile, I might add a splash of fruit juice to a beverage. But more often than not, I grab water.

Why? Because when I don't drink enough water, I get headaches.

9. Read

I'm a total bookworm. There is nothing I love more than getting lost in a good book. Or reading a really interesting in-depth Vanity Fair article about Hillary Clinton. For ten minutes or 200 hundred, I aim to read something interesting every day.

Why? Because reading is good for you. Duh.

12. Recharge my batteries

If it doesn't happen because of a good run, or sticking my nose in a book, or connecting with a friend, then I make sure to take a Johanna TimeOut. I might journal or write a note to someone. I might just stop and do nothing. For five whole minutes. Imagine. Okay, so maybe just for three, but still!

Why? Because when I run on fumes, it's just not worth it.

11. Make my bed

It may be 6am and I'm up. Or earlier. Or later, say 6:15am. But I pop out of bed and check the temperature (I'm slightly obsessed with the temperature.) And then I make the bed.

Why? Because it makes me feel productive and ready to start the day.

12. Clean up after myself

It has to be done. The laundry won't put itself away. The dishes don't wash themselves. And I hate going to bed with silly outstanding things left to do.

Why? Because I find the longer I let the chores sit, the longer they seem to take. That + every time I walk past them, the outstanding reminder is enough to annoy me!

There you have it. The 12 things I do every day.

Amazing how those small habits make a world of difference.

What about you? What habits do you keep on a daily basis? Share with me on Facebook.

And stay tuned because next week I'm sharing the things that I've stopped doing.