14 Reasons why you should start running


Shareable5Here's what may be the biggest understatement of the year.

I love to run.

Clearly, oh so clearly (!) I'm biased. To say I love running doesn't start to cut it. It's like asking "Is the Pope Catholic?" or "Does the sun rise in the East?"

Johanna loves running. Duh. Double duh. Triple duh.

I run in the middle of winter, during blizzards and when a heatwaves hits town. And every once in awhile, New Hampshire has some normal, non-extreme weather that doesn't require massive amounts of layers to keep the blood from freezing or 5am wake ups to avoid the oppressive humidity. I run then too.

There are lots of benefits to running, but I'd have to argue one of the biggest reasons I run is how I feel when I'm done. (Well that and it's the cheapest therapy in town.)

I'm ready to conquer the world. THAT's exactly how I feel whenever I come back from a run. Ready to take on the world.

Bring it on World I say. (Well, I only say that post run.)

About four times a week you'll find me lacing up my sneaks, pulling on a Champion Sports Bra from Target, layering with a top from Athleta and bottoms courtesy of Lululemon. As soon as this happens I can feel my body shift.

My shoulders drop down my back, more where they belong, away from my ears which is where they unfortunately hang out sometimes. I stand up straighter and expand my chest, pushing my heart forward.

My feet want to stride out, my legs want to extend and my arms want to pump back and forth (I'll take advantage of anything that propels me forward.) My lungs are ready to expand and fill up with fresh oxygen.

I run and I'm more sane. I run and I'm more creative. I run and I'm more smiley. I run and I like myself more. I run and I'm more patient. I run and I'm more confident. I run and I have more answers. I run and I take things more in stride (Pun totally, 100% intended.) I run and I sleep so well. I run and I eat so well. I run and I'm proud.

I run, passing new house construction, buffalo in the wilds of NH, ocean spray pounding the rocks, cute little puppies, yet I don't really see anything. I'm lost in my own world.

(During a 3 months period while training for a half marathon, I never even noticed a house had gotten knocked down and rebuilt.)

RunningChangedMyoutlookI return to the same place I began. Except, I'm a different woman. Every run imprints my DNA in a special way, tweaking that double helix so that I'm a better person. It's subtle, but I can feel it.

If you still aren't convinced that running's your bag, that's okay. I've got a couple other reasons why you should start running up my sleeve that I wanted to share with you.

14 Reasons To Run

#1 It's social. You can make friends.

#2 All you  need is sneakers. And a sports bra. (Maybe.)

#3 You can do it anywhere - it travels well.

#4 Great way to learn about your neighourbood - you can help return lost dogs to their owners and pounce on new real estate, if you are in the market

#5 Cheapest therapy in town. Guaranteed.

#6 You will NOT feel worse about yourself. I promise

#7 Your work life will improve  with more clarity, creativity and how to deal with tough boss situations + TPS reports

#8 Your ancestors did it. Baby, you were born to run.

#9 Fresh oxygen boosts your energy

#10 Helps with your balance as you get older. Nobody wants to trip and break a hip

#11. Running improves your cardiovascular system, both in a heart-strengthening-kinda-way AND a woo-woo, you-will-start-to-love-more-kinda-way.

#12. It's satisfying

#13. You'll sleep well

#14. It's a fun to experience the seasons. I mean how often do get to play in the snow as an adult?

 Now it's your turn. If you run, why do you lace up the sneaks and pound the pavement? Come visit me and tell me why. Share HERE.