3 convincing reasons why you should work out in the morning.

alarmclockWith earlier sunrises, birds chirping and warmer temperatures, I'm finding it easier and easier to wake up in the mornings. Most of the time, I'm up before my alarm (which is set for 6am in case you were wondering.) (Everyone who knows me right now is saying "But Johanna, you're up at the crack of dawn all year round!" While that may be true, early morning wakes up aren't always easy to pull off in the darkest of dark New England winter months.)

Mornings are my most productive, creative, functional time. In fact, they are kinda stressful because I try and do so much before noon! I love them. I embrace them. I am excited for them when I go to bed the night before.

I write in the mornings. I workout in the mornings. I create in the mornings. I plan best in the mornings.

Who knows if there are any healthy benefits to waking up early? And honestly, who cares? I know lots of night owls who claim to love the night for all the same reasons I adore the mornings. To each their own.  If you know when you work, play and function best and are able to be in that space as much as possible, more power to you!

Health benefits or not, there are most definitely lots of benefits to being a morning person. And not just a morning person, but a morning workout person!

Since I've switched my workouts to the morning, it's revolutionized my day. As in, I'm a whole different woman when I workout in the morning.

Here are three convincing reasons to workout in the morning.

116038127868691827_wFspKt1h_b1. You'll stick to your workout schedule. 5-6 days/week, within 60-120 minutes of waking up, I'm working out. Oxygen is pumping through my system and I'm feeling alive.

More importantly because I work out in the morning, I very rarely miss a workout.  I never have that feeling  around 5 or 6pm of I-need-to-go-to-the-gym-but-I'm-too-tired-and-all-I-want-is-to-go-home! By working out in the morning, it frees up my afternoon and evening.

Lace up those sneaks or unroll that yoga mat before your brain has a clue! Do it before your crazy schedule can catch up with you and throw your life off track. Let's be real. Those after work gym sessions? Ugh, you're tired and honestly, you always leave work later than planned...

2. Productivity When I workout in the morning, I'm ready to take on the world. Some work has been done and by the time 9am rolls around, I've checked a number of things off my to-do list. Now that's quite an awesome, productive feeling. There are definitely days when I think to myself, if I do nothing else today, I've already had a great 5 mile run so that's something.

3. Food. I eat so much better, healthier and cleaner when I workout in the morning.  I have a great breakfast on workout days. I drink more water on workout days. I will grab a light snack around 11am because I know my blood sugar is starting to go low. By anticipating this, I avoid any off the wall cravings or decision making snafus that come when I'm hungry and can't think straight!

Other bonuses to working out in the morning?

morningworkoutIt's one of the most peaceful ways to greet the day. I've seen some of the most amazing sunsets, seen really cool animals as they emerge from their slumber and took in nature without any distractions.

I start the day with a clear mind, fresh energy and a wave of optimism and inspiration for what lies ahead.

Morning workouts are great "ME" time without any distractions.

If I've done any convincing you to get up earlier, here's a couple tips on how to physically wake up earlier and workout.

  • Sleep in your workout clothes
  • Put your alarm across the room
  • Don't think about it. Don't give your brain time to consider another course of action
  • Pack your lunch the night before
  • Go to sleep 10 - 15 minutes earlier. Nothing too drastic. Work towards an earlier bedtime
  • As soon as the alarm goes off, put your feet on the floor and get up

So tell me, are you a morning workout person? Swing over to my Facebook Group and tell me when you workout.