3 ways to get unstuck

I was in the shower the other day when the idea hit me like a flash of lightening.

I wasn't feeling stuck, at least not in that moment, but I could relate to having my panties all in a bunch because I was staring at a blank computer screen couldn't figure out how to stop being annoyed by someone or even coming up empty when I needed a catchy email title STAT!

Have you ever had that happen to you? When you just feel so stuck you feel paralyzed, stuck in your chair and as if you have cement blocks on your feet or in your brain.

Just for you, I made a short video with ideas about how to get unstuck ASAP. 

Click on the video below to get my 3 ideas. 

Even Elizabeth Gilbert embraces this concept of motion when feeling stuck. She writes in her latest and greatest, Big Magic,

"....You may think it's procrastination, but - with the right intention - it isn't; it's motion. And any motion whatsoever beats inertia, because inspiration will always be drawn to motion."

See, even New York Times Best Selling Author, Elizabeth Gilbert, of Eat Pray Love fame, gets stuck.

So tell me in the comments below, how do you get unstuck?

How do you draw inspiration from motion?

I'm always open for new ideas.



PS> Get your hands on Big Magic. I devoured Elizabeth Gilbert's new book last night and it was well, big magic. xx