4 Insights Into To Living Each Day to the Fullest

Top left is Pam Pearson and I (She's quite the inspiration) top right is Tony Robbins Bottom Right I'm with Kendra Cover and Michelle Alcon, two inspirational teammates and bottom left at the Convention welcoming the delegates from New Zealand Last week I went from New Hampshire's sea level to Salt Lake City's 4,000+ ft altitude, spending four mindblowing days with 9,000+ people from 19 countries speaking an array of languages.

From sun up to sun down, I hung out with Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Mike Allsop and Dr Wentz (to name a few people you may have heard of) while surrounded by people on all sides of the spectrum of success - those who are millionaires and those who have just begun on their journey two days ago.

(After four days like that, it will take me awhile to come back down to the sea level of New Hampshire! I'm so charged up, ignited if you will, and ready to tackle the last few months of this year. Sleep? What's that?)

I'm pretty sure I could have just floated  on my excitement alone, alongside my Southwest flight back to Manchester.

What the hell was I doing in Salt Lake City that was just that darn good you may be wondering.

The event was USANA's annual International Convention - an opportunity to learn more about the company + their mission (very impressive),  the products (blow my mind), to connect with industry leaders (so inspirational) and to get ignited for more success.

I spend my plane ride home trying to organize my thoughts. (No small feat.) It was inevitable that the first person I talked to when I touched down would ask with eager anticipation "How was it? What did you learn?"

And what I learned shouldn't be shared with just those who asked. So why you might not have explicitly asked how Utah was, I'd love to share it with you as well.

Insight #1. Do what you love and love what you do

Unless you're a cat, you've got one, gorgeous life to live. Make it one full of health and wealth, joy and laughter. Whether you are 20 or 60 years young, you are always, always in the driver's seat of your life.

Be an active, engaged participant in your life - be it in choices for your health or choices for your wealth, be intentional and purposeful about the decisions that you make.

I feel beyond blessed that I absolutely love what I do. Yes, I feel lucky to be in a minority of people who love their line of work. But let's be clear - all the decisions that have led me here are quite intentional.

There are absolutely sacrifices along the way. And when I lay my head on the pillow each night, I smile and sigh at how happy, healthy and fulfilling my life is.

(And then 21 seconds later, I'm asleep. Zzzzzz)

Insight #2. Surround yourself with people that make you a better person - both personally and professionally

One of my favorite phrases in Spanish is "dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres." Literally translated it means "Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are."

Your friends influence not only your level of health and fitness, but your motivation, drive, level of success and happiness.

Be with people who feed your soul, warm your heart, make you a better person and if nothing else, smile and laugh til you pee your pants. Those are the people who should be on your iPhone favorites list.

Be with people who push you to expand your comfort zone and

Insight #3. There's more than one right answer

I had a chance to hear from Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic Photographer. Sure, he had an endless supply of amazing, breathtaking and awe-inspiring photos taken from all corners of the globe. Yet something he said really resonated with me more than those National Geographic headline photos.

"There's more than one right answer. There are a thousand ways to come at any challenge and find the right view."

I can clearly understand how that relates to photography. I think we all do.

One slight step to the right changes the angle at which you see the barn. Bending down and looking up, impacts that light that falls across the face of the small child standing in front of you. Walking 50 paces away and turning around changes your perspective on the field of dandelions in front of you.

Yet it seems quite challenging to relate that to my life at times.

Moving forward, I shall embrace another perspective. This might not translate exactly to looking at my computer from a different angle. But I will hold onto this notion that there is a right answer. Today's right answer might not be tomorrow's right answer.

In the business that I'm in, I'm constantly amazed at the different ways people have found success - all running their show in a very different way than I run mine. This should also be a great reminder that there's more than one right answer. Keep looking.

Insight #4 Expand your comfort zone

"Life begins outside of your comfort zone." You've probably heard that quote before. It sure is easy to stay comfortable. Why say hi to the cute guy in line at the Target check out line? Why make that phone call to a prospective client when you can just send an email?

But if you want to raise up the notch on living, test your boundaries.

I'm learning a few things about my comfort zone. For starters, it's too small - I need to expand it, raise the ceiling, push the walls back and give myself more room to stretch and grow.

I'm also learning that all the things that are outside of my comfort zone (and freak me out when I think about them), actually aren't that freaky. And when I go there, when I dip my toe out of my comfort zone and explore around, it ain't so scary after all.

You don't need permission from anyone to explore past your comfort zone. You're never, ever trespassing when you go beyond your own boundaries. (Thank you Dewitt Jones for that nugget.)

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