4 things I'm loving lately

FourFaveThingsAhh, this weather is doing wonders for everyone's soul isn't it? I'm lighter in my step, quicker with a smile and overall thrilled not to be wearing so many layers of clothing during the day and night. Everything that seemed frustrating and annoying awhile back during the dark days of winter, seems manageable now. Do you know what I mean? I feel as if I'm in love with everything and everything, in general, is just wonderful.

Okay, so I may be Little Miss Sunshine all the time, but I think I lost my way a bit during that helluva winter we had.

Lately I've been so super duper excited about some things in my life. I can't help but want to share some of what's been making me so happy lately. And keep your eye to the newsletter because I will soon be unveiling two really exciting bits of news that you won't want to miss out.

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OiselleArmWarmersMy Oiselle arm warmers.

Oh my heavens, they are lovely and so practical. (And lime green!) This past Sunday, it was sunny and in the 40's when I ran. Not only did I rock the arm warmers, but it was also the first run without a hat on or wearing gloves since about November. Holla!

A lot of times, I'm not quite sure what to wear, how many layers I need and how quickly I will warm up during a run. With the arm warmers in this mix, I can wear a tank top, arm warmers and another layer. Should I warm up, I can whip off my long sleeve top layer and sport the arm warmers. And if I'm still warm, I can roll down the arm warmers and just rock the tank top.

Uh, plus they are arm warmers. And lime green. Do I really need to say anything else?!

[And on a side note, Oiselle is a super cool women's running apparel company. They are based out of the Northwest and recently signed on Kara Goucher to their team.  (!!!!) A HUGE feather in their cap. Ladies, check them out. I harbor dreams of being an Oiselle sponsored athlete. Ya hear me Sally Bergesen?]

Oiselle13.1shirtMy Oiselle 13.1 Long sleeved tee.

Oh this shirt. I just want to wear it 24/7. I proudly get to sport something that reads 13.1 and totally feel like I'm part of the cool kids club. Woot woot! I'm not that much of a pink person, but this pink is not too girly. It's just the right shade of pink.  And a soft, warm fabric that makes me want to curl up in it and take a cat nap on a slice of sun that is coming in my window.

I love that the sleeves are long and the shirt hits around the hips. Nothing I hate more than a shirt that is too short.

Oh and the shirt has thumbholes. Oiselle had me at thumbholes.


everymiletagMy Erica Sara Designs Necklace.

Yes, I have runner's bling.  A year ago this month, I was at the More Half Marathon in NYC, working a booth for my friend Kyra who founded Women Run. The Erica Sara Designs Booth was right near ours and I found myself constantly drooling over her pieces. Erica and I spent a lot of time chatting about a custom charm, a way to incorporate my fave quote. But nothing I wanted grabbed me.

After being a frequent visitor to her website,  I saw the "Every mile" charm and it spoke to me. So many great ideas for work and life have come to me while running. I've solidified some of my strongest friendships through running. Every mile has truly become a part of me.

PumpinBlood Pumpin Blood by NONONO I am totally digging this song. Whenever it comes on when I'm in the car, the windows are open and I'm rocking out as if I'm on stage at Madison Square Garden, me and a million fans.  The beat just grabs me and it quickly got added to my running playlist.

Listen to the lyrics and I think you'll understand why I'm digging it.

"Hey heart on the run again Driving strong forward Sticks and stones won't take its course You got the part in the front seat

It's the best and worst feeling like nothing can go wrong You're the decider of the world that you will get to know

Cause it's your heart it's alive It's pumpin' blood And it's your heart it's alive It's pumpin' blood And the whole wide world is whistling"

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xx Johanna