6 Things I've Stopped Doing

Last week's post was all about what I do on a daily basis.  (Click HERE to read that post if you missed it.) I loved reading what you all do every single day. I found it interesting that for those of you who shared, there were a lot of similarities in what you made sure you did every single day.

Eating veggies. Drinking water. Moving the body. No late nights. Hugs. QT with family+ friends, both of the human and furry variety!

Check out my friend Dave's Facebook comments below.

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Writing last week's post got me thinking about what I don't do. Or better said, what I've stopped doing. I can't say that I've intentionally or consciously made an effort to stop doing what's on the list below.

But over the past 6-9 months, there are a handful of things that I've stopped doing.

And ya know what?


Life is more liberating. Life is less stressful to live. Life is freeing. Life is empowering.

So what do ya say? Read my list and then tell me one thing, just one thing that you will stop doing. Today. Because really, why keep making excuses?!

1. Stop apologizing

I'm not sure why I feel compelled or obligated, or worse, say it as a reflex, but I used to apologize. For everything.

YOU walked into ME? "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry" would be out of my mouth before I realized it. YOU were late a meeting. That I wasn't even attending. "Oh no! I'm so sorry!"

But I wasn't. Nor did I care. Nor was it my place to apologize. So I stopped. Cold turkey. 'Cuz I'm like that.

Now, I just don't say anything. I bite my tongue and smile. Nothing has to be said.

2. Stop trying to be someone other than me

I laugh out loud. Loudly. Maybe at innappropriate times, while at the library. I tell really bad jokes. I'm overly dramatic. And verbose. And I talk with my hands. And I repeat myself. And I share wayyy more than most people. And I take forever to get to the point (thanks mom!) And I can't just say yes or no - I have to get you the entire situation on background (thanks mom again!) And I'm blunt.

For awhile there, I thought about reigning that stuff in. Because well, maybe someone would be offended. Or not invite me to a party. Or give me the hairy, bored eyeball. Or tell me off.

I thought I should be more..I don't know..Polished? Presentable?

I tried to be quieter. Boring. I tried to not use my hands. Hard to do. I tried to smile and nod more, to keep my emotions in check.  I thought, this is what botox must feel like.

Couldn't do it. Said screw it and embraced me and all my glory. And you know what, I'm laughing out loud again. With my friends. And people who love me and all my craziness.

3. Stop saying no to myself

If you feel guilty for saying no to other people, remember this. "Anytime you are saying yes to someone else, you are saying no to yourself."

I flipped that equation around. Instead of feeling guilty when saying no to someone else, like when they ask me to a party when I know that my body needs to rest. I politely decline. On the inside, I'm syked because I just said yes to myself.

4. Stop fearing it being easy

God, I make things harder then they should be. I insert myself into everything. I try and organize and solve and figure out. Now, I've stepped back a bit and let things fall into place, without playing an active role. Try it out sometime. It's amazing what happens when you let it be easy.

5. Stop making excuses

I'm so over the phrase "I'm busy."

Really? We're all busy honey. You aren't the only one getting out of bed and already feeling behind by breakfast. There is never a time in the near future where we won't be that busy. This busy moment now is the moment a month ago when you swore that would be free to hit the zumba class with your bestie. Or when you promised your girlfriend to meet her out for a drink and catch up on her latest dating escapes.

I'm also over telling myself the same lame reason as to why I'm not doing something. Or hearing the same yarn being spun from someone who continually complains about being exhausted, running on fumes and having no time for herself, yet spends Wed - Sunday out for drinks til wayyyy after the sun has gone down. Or who has gotten to the highest level with Words with Friends.

6. Stop blowing off compliments

Why oh why, when someone pays me a compliment, such as "I LOVE your haircut!" (Thank you Jessica Todd.) Or, "Wow. Your arms are awesome. Who is your trainer?" (They are BTW thanks to Angela Garcia) can I not just say thanks?

I can now.

Receiving compliments is part of receiving abundance in whatever form it comes in. (Got that nugget and more from Kate Northrup's book, Money: A Love Story.)

Yup, it's wayy easier and less uncomfortable to reply "Really? I totally didn't wash or brush my hair today." Or say, "Noooo. My arms? I'm such a wimp!"

Try out your "Thank you" next time.

Head over to my Facebook Page and tell me what you will stop doing. I'd love to hear all about it!

xx Johanna