a duel in the supermarket : aisle vs perimeter. where do you shop?

I'm pumped about this week's newsletter. Super. Duper. Fired up. Because this week's video addresses a question I get asked about. A lot.

Where to shop when you go to the supermarket.

Aisle vs perimeter. Aisle vs perimieter.

You've heard that you should only shop the perimeter of the supermarket....but what the *$#@ does that mean? The perimeter? Of the supermarket? Like, just stick to the outside section?

But it's full of......fruits and odd looking veggies. I wouldn't know what to do with them Johanna.

...if the planets aligned and you even ever bought them.

And really, what's the difference between the aisle and the perimeter anyway? You want to follow the sage wisdom of those who are healthy and only shop the perimeter. Those healthy looking, happy people who fill their cart with all sorts of stuff. You can't help but peer into their cart. And then stare at yours and sigh.

You know who they are. Hell, they know who they are. "Those" people seem to know what they are doing. Where they are going. What they are buying. They say no to plastic because they have their canvass bags.

There's a part of you that wants to have that confidence. Of knowing you're buying the good, healthy stuff too. (And what to do with it once you buy it.) Besides, you're already halfway there....canvass bag in hand.

Where do you shop? What's intimidating or frustrating for you about grocery shopping? Click on the image below to learn what it means to shop in the aisle or the perimeter of a supermarket.

[youtube JZswO7L6NW0 nolink]

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