Go find yourself an accountability buddy

Recently I've committed to something that will be a game changer down the road. 

It's related to my fitness.

Now, I'm p r e t t y sure I can guess what you're thinking. 

"But Johanna - you're so fit. You run and bike all the time. What on earth could you commit to that would be a game changer around your health?"

A trainer.  

Yup - I used to have Michelle Obama arms. Arms that could tell you where the gun show was (right here baby!) Arms that would get compliments from my friends. Back muscles that were beautiful and even I admired them.

And then I moved to Colorado.

Sure, I had great intention to workout, doing High Intensity Interval Training circuits. There's a million of them on pinterest, google and in any women's health mag that you can mindlessly read when waiting in the express line at the grocery store because the person in front of you definitely has wayyyy more than 15 items. 

Hell, I've worked out with Angela for over 18 months and have spent many an hour in the gym. So I know exactly what I need to do. 

(That's my girl, kicking ass and taking names in the picture above.)

And I tried when I got to Colorado. In fact, as I type this, there's a fitness center at my apartment complex a mere 50 feet from my balcony. I've seen the inside of it, sweated it out a few times.  I'm staring at it right now. So a place to workout wasn't my problem. 

But I wasn't totally committed. It was so easy to push off my workout. 

"I'll do it tomorrow when I've got more time."

"I'll do it on Saturday when I'm not as rushed, when I've slept more, when (fill in the blank excuse.)"

When I'm not cross training, I lose those nice arm muscles. I lose some core strength and stability in my legs. I notice when running that my ankles don't seem as strong or engaged as they could be. Something that could help prevent injuries while running. 

I debated in my head whether to reach out to my old trainer, Angela Garcia to see if she would write me a virtual program that I could do with the equipment I have available to me. I told myself that I didn't need her because I know what I'm doing. I told myself I could go without a trainer. I'd put together my own plan.

All things that are true. 

And I reached out to her anyway.

Then I realized it wasn't about the training plan or the sequence or the exercises. It was about the accountability. 

Not only did she send me a plan that I'm starting this week, but she's also going to text me during the week to make sure I've done the workout. 

Bingo! That's the golden ticket.

That's the kicker. As soon as I committed to that - to the texting accountability -  I could feel a shift in my body. I could feel myself stepping up and committing to doing this workout 2x/week. 

I share this as inspiration. A lot of people look to me and assume I've got it all figured out when it comes to fitness and being healthy. They assume that I've got superhuman powers that enable me to get up at 5 am every morning. They assume there's something different in my DNA that allows me to go for long runs on Sunday.

Nope. Turns out I'm human just like you. I know what I need to make things happen, I ask for it and get the accountability to keep me moving. 

'Cuz it's super hard to quit on someone else, to let them down. Yet we all know how easy it is quit on ourselves and let ourselves down. 

I encourage you today to find an accountability buddy.

I've got clients who have accountability buddies to make sure they are drinking water.

I've got clients who have accountability buddies to yoga class.

I've got clients who have accountability buddies to make sure they did the daily outreach they've committed to for their business.

I've got clients who have accountability buddies to make sure they go grocery shopping 1x/week.

I guarantee you that whatever it is you need help with, there's someone out there who is super thrilled that you reached out for support. Might be interesting to see who benefits most from it.

To you,
Johanna xx