Are you a wellness warrior?

Me, Wellness Warrior I make green smoothies. I run half marathons. I frequent my local health food store. I add chia seeds and hemp seeds to my meals.  I know what ground flax seed is, how to use it and why it's good for me. I make 99% of my meals. I get a decent amount of sleep each night. I buy Athleta clothing and rock it on my long training runs. I'm active about five days a week. I don't stress (too much) about making the right decisions for my health and body because they come naturally to me.

I am a wellness warrior..

...But I wasn't always a wellness warrior.

I used to consume lots of dairy without realizing I was lactose intolerant. This led to crazy painful stomach aches, gas, cramps and massive bloating. Then I freaked out about no more cheese. (But I'm over that now and it's all good.  Three cheers for goat cheese!) I used to work 14 hour days, 7 days a week. I barely had time for working out or getting enough sleep. I used to eat out a ton and always felt gross afterwards. I would tell myself, tomorrow will be different. And it never was.

Me, Wellness Warrior

Until one day I decided that I'd had enough and needed to take matters into my own hands.

My health is my wealth. No one knew my body better than I. I wasn't getting any younger. I knew how great I felt after working out that it needed to happen more frequently. I knew I had better skills in the kitchen and needed to try a simple recipe, not get overwhelmed by what all these other people were doing. I knew that I functioned wayy better on proper sleep that I had to find a way to make that happen too.

Me, Wellness Warrior

So I went on a journey over the span of a couple years to educate myself, experiment, go wayyy out of my comfort zone and just be.

And while the journey is far from over, I've come a long way.

Me, Wellness Warrior

Yes, I am a wellness warrior.

And if you are where I was, and are now ready to take charge of your health, feel confident in your body and diet choices, join me in my Wellness Warrior School.

I'll teach you my path and steps. Most importantly, guiding you to find the right answers for you. I'm not going to teach you what I do day to day. Instead it will be more what I learned along the way and my path of discovery from which you can take what's useful and apply it to your life.

If you read my blog and aren't a wellness warrior, you should be.

Here's how.

xo Johanna