Are you on the #RoadtoRio?

Are you on the #RoadtoRio? I love love love the Olympics! It's one of the few times in sporting, aside from the World Cup when I think it's actually a true world stage for athletes.

Sorry to the Patriots and the Red Sox. I love you, but you're not World Champs, by any stretch of the imagination.

But the Olympics! Yes please.

Since early July, when the swimming and track & field championships have been on TV (along with the Copa Europa for futbol and Wimbledon) it's been such a treat to kick back in the A/C and watch amazing athletes just own their talents. Or in some case (I'm looking at you Michael Phelps and Serena Williams) D O M I N A TE. 

When I watch athletes of such caliber, I'm always wondering about their off season workouts and nutrition plans. 

(Here's a couple inspirational videos I've always got queued up of Julian Edelman, Serena Williams, Misty Copeland and Michael Phelps.)

Crazy pants right? Those off season, in the dark workouts are unreal. And it just makes me bow down even more to the temples of bodies of our Olympic Athletes. 

While you nor I aren't going to the Olympics in this lifetime, know that 497 World Class Olympians take USANA supplements. 

Dorky, but I kinda feel like part of me, deep down inside, somewhere (!) is an Olympian.