Did you fall off the wellness wagon? Top ten reasons to join my bootcamp


Was it a soft bounce? Or a thud? Ya know, the sound of you falling off the wellness wagon. Did it hurt? Or did you not even notice it until just lately - realizing, "hey what a second! What happened to my routine of working out in the mornings? What happened to my evening runs just after work or my Saturday am yoga class? When was the last time I did that?"

Huh. When was the last time you did that?

And how's your diet? Do you visit Trader Joe's and your local Whole Foods often but know that you aren't buying the best stuff? Was your summer spent hitting up farmer's markets? But maybe you traded in some veggies for summer beach snacks?

Props to you if you did. I'm sure you had an awesome summer (how could you not with the weather we've been having) That's exactly what the summer is meant for - lots of vitamin D, salt water and outdoor sports that seem best done in shorts and a tank top.

But hey - now it's fall (at least officially by the calendar.) Somewhere between last time you checked and now, you've fallen off the wellness wagon.

The good news is that it's easy to get back on it - to get back into your routine, to cut back on the sugar and not-so-healthy snacks and introduce nourishing, whole food to your body.

My Eat well. Be happy. Love life bootcamp. A virtual, month-long bootcamp designed to help you get back onto the wellness wagon. Not only will you learn some new information about how to eat well, be happy and love life, but you will have some amazing accountability partners. (Are you great at starting things, but not so good on the follow through?)

Click on the video below with my top ten reasons to register today for my bootcamp.

[youtube Qjm2c7NG2E0 nolink]


Reason # 10 You'll learn to love exercise again

Reason # 9 You want quick, tangible results

Reason #8 You're not starting at square one

Reason #7 Eating leftovers is getting boring

Reason #6 You need some accountability to do anything

Reason #5 You want to bring sexy back

Reason #4 You want more energy

Reason #3 You want more restful sleep

Reason #2 You thrive being part of a team

And Reason # 1, You want to shift a few lbs.

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