Do this one thing this morning.


The older I get, the more I believe that the "must do" daily things in life must be done in the mornings.  It's the only way I can claim my "me" time. Taking time for my personal priorities allows me to be of better service to others and those I meet each day.

For me, those "must do" daily things are exercise and time to be grateful, to send love to those who need it and to meditate.

Let's start with moving my booty, aka exercise. Exercise is such a habit, a daily part of my routine that I don't have to put much intention into making sure it happens. Yup, there are some days when I don't want to get out of bed. Or I'm too lazy/tired/lame to want to sweat it out. Much as I like to think of myself as Wonder Woman, I am just a mere mortal.

The days of convincing myself to stay in bed asleep, or to skip that day's workout are so few and far between, yet they carry a lot of weight in my memory. Those are the days when I was crankier, bitchier and I liked myself less.

Those memories are ripe enough to override any desire to be lazy. Up I get and out the door I go.

Truth be told, it's been years since I've created a new morning routine. Until recently.

And this is the thing that I want you to do this morning. And tomorrow. And the next day if you remember. Just start with one morning at a time.

Take 3 minutes to spend being grateful.

Take the next 3 minutes to spend sending love to people who need it.

And take your last 3 minutes to meditate. Or speak to the Universe. Or your God. Or Buddha. Or whomever you call out to when you need help.

Me? I talk to the Universe. Literally. I might spend the first two sets of three minutes talking silently to myself.

You'd better believe that I spend those last three minutes talking out loud to the Universe.

It goes something like this.

"Morning Universe. How's it going?"

(Pause. I take some deep breaths here and give pause so the Universe knows I'm listening.)

"Universe, I've got some things going on that I'd love your support for. I need your help because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about trying to land a couple more clients. I know I'm doing all the right things, have made some stellar connections, but I'm just kinda nervous that it won't all work out. I know you've got my back which I appreciate. Sometimes I go at life like I can do everything. So if you could just show me a sign today that you're with me, that would really mean the world to me. I feel as if I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. A sign such as an exciting new connection, or a lead following up with me or someone reaching out to be would be awesome."


Sometimes I talk more, sometimes I just listen.

Yes - this might be super duper woo woo for some of you. And some of you might be wondering "where'd the straight shooting, no fluff Johanna go?"

This is me, peeling back the curtains a bit. This is me being really real. This is me inviting you into my morning routine.

I've been doing this practice for about 7 months now. And it's just that. A practice. Like everything I want to master in my life, I must practice at it.

Interestingly enough, I've fallen out of habit for these few days I've been back on the East Coast. Different sleeping schedules and arrangements. Different routines.

All excuses to be totally frank with you. I can call 'em what they are. And I felt off. I truly felt like there was something missing or nagging at me for the past few days.

So yesterday morning when my alarm went off for an early morning run with a friend, I stayed in bed and did my 9 minutes.

It's an opportunity to hit pause on life. It's an opportunity to slow things down before your days whizzes by without any say from you. It's an opportunity to be grateful and appreciative. It's an opportunity to not feel alone.

It's 9 minutes. I challenge you to hit the snooze one less time. I challenge you to sit before you make breakfast, your coffee and read your email. You don't have to do what I do. Make it your own.

All I am inviting you to do is to sit and pause with me.

Come on over and tell me all about it.