Do you get hives thinking about three weeks of kale?


I am finally waking up to sunshine. And bright early mornings with chirping birds means only one thing--> the Farmer's Market and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) season is upon us! IMG_0106-1Bring on the kale. And spinach. And swiss chard. And scallions. And garlic. And leeks. And snap peas. And tomatoes. (Good lord will there be tomatoes.) And bok choy. And radishes (what do I do with those?)

Aaaannnnnndd peppers (am I getting the sweet ones or the hot peppers this week?) And zucchini (that will soon be coming out of my ears!) And lettuce.

Aaaannnndd onions. And beets (boxes of beets.) And rutabaga (what is that actually?) And broccoli. And rhubarb. And purple eggplant. And cucumbers (to pickle or not..?) And Cairo Red Cabbage (wtf do I do with cabbage?)

OMG - what was I thinking, signing up for a CSA?!

When I was hanging out with the farmers from our CSA last week, I asked what was going to be in our first box come June. She looked me right in the eye and said, "Be prepared for greens. Lots o' greens."

I like kale and all, but three weeks of kale? Yikes!

We haven't even received our first CSA share and I'm already getting hives!

Are you feeling the same way? Have you signed up for a CSA share and are nervous about the day you pick up your box with 18 beets in it along with loads of an  unidentifiable bean?

Upon realizing that lots of other friends were in the same boat (or CSA box...?), I present you the solution to your "woah-that's-a-lot-of-veggies" problem.

Drum roll please...

The Veggie Vanguard: Manage Your CSA share with ease.

It's a weekly newsletter subscription that spotlights a veggie you are most likely getting in your CSA share that week.

In each week's newsletter, I'll share:

  • Nutritional nuggets about the health benefits of turnips, beets, tomatoes, beans and all the other weekly spotlighted veggies
  • Inspirational insight about the spotlighted veggie, how you can eat it, how to store it and how to prepare it
  • My favorite healthy recipes that will leave your friends and family clamoring for the recipe
  • What to do when you have 18 beets and an unidentifiable bean in your share
  • How to manage your weekly CSA with grace and panache
  • What to do when on week 4 of tomatoes
  • How to use your whole share so that it doesn't end up in the compost bin each week
  • What to do with veggies you didn't even know existed

Subscription to the Veggie Vanguard also comes with membership to a private online forum where you will be able to connect with your fellow CSA members. In our private forum you'll hear what others are doing with all their tomatoes and kale. You can swap favorite recipes and best practices. And sure, use it to commiserate with others about all the different varieties of beans that exist!

All that for $19.99/month. Yup. You read that right. Just $19.99/month.

Having no more CSA anxiety? Priceless!

Click HERE for more info and to register.

And when you sign up for the Veggie Vanguard, you'll receive my free report called "Eleven Enlightening Ways to Make the Most of your CSA (+ my bonus tips, handy kitchen items and how to get creative with your veggies!)"






Now I'd love to hear from you. Have you joined a CSA this summer? What are you most nervous about with a summer of veggies? Leave a comment below!

In solidarity with you during CSA season,