Have you ever met a professional athlete?

When I ask myself that question about meeting a professional athlete, I can only say that I've met Tom Brady in my dreams....does that count?

Professional athletes to me are in a league of their own. Their accomplishments are out of this world. 

Since I've moved to Boulder, my world has become runners and triathletes. That's about all anyone seems to do around here. Runners and triathletes with many accomplishments after their name are a dime a dozen out here.  

Meet Amber Cullen Ferreira, a professional triathlete who WON the 2104 Lake Placid Ironman.

Let's just pause for a moment before I go on. 

An Ironman race is 140.6 of distance covered via swimming (2.4 miles), biking (112 miles) and running (26.2) miles. 

And this woman, WON IT. 

Having only ever done the different parts of an Ironman on different days with loads of rest and adequate food and water, I can't fathom what it takes not just to win on Game Day but all the training that happens in order for you to win on Game Day. 

Amber is a NH resident who is a physical therapist, triathlete coach and continues to be a professional Triathlete. 

She started out as a runner, competing on the collegiate level at Northeastern University. After college, Amber started seeking out different challenges varying from the Mountain Series (uphill running), snowshoe racing, long distance swimming (She once sprained both her wrists in a 10 mile swim), ultra-running until she found her passion: triathlon!

Interestingly enough, Amber had never been a cyclist and didn't even own a bike for her first season of racing, but she quickly fell in love with the sport. Training for three sports allows her to stay healthy and stimulated and always (well, almost always) excited to do the day's training.

Having known Amber for a couple years now, I can attest to the fact that not only does she have an amazing internal fire, but she has the most infectious personality, smile and laughter. Somehow after all that she does, she still is super upbeat and happy.

And I'm thrilled to announce that all of you will have a chance to meet Amber on February 23rd when I'm hosting her for a live Q&A. 

This will be the first  time I've had a chance to talk in depth with Amber about her training plan, what she eats, what it's like to compete at such an intense level and how she manages training and life. 

Amber will also share her funniest race memory, what she eats every single day (even with oatmeal) and what she loves most about racing. 

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WHO : Johanna Voss, a nutrition coach and professional triathlete, Amber Cullen Ferreira

WHAT : A Live Q&A between Amber and I during which we'll talk about the one thing she eats every single day, what it's like to train and what she eats on game day.


WHEN : February 23rd @ 6pm MT / 8pm EST

WHY : ....when was the last time you got to ask a professional athlete questions?

Hope you can join us. "See" you then.