Do you wish you could say these things?

      Do you wish you could say these things?

  • "I've totally cut down on my sugar cravings."
  • "Discovering I can cook with less stress has revolutionized my life."
  • "I loved learning about how to cook new things. Often, I get stuck in cooking ruts. Learning what to do with things that I didn't know what to do with, such as greens, grains and quinoa has opened up a whole new world for me!"
  • "So great to learn that nutrition isn't a "one diet fits all" blanket."
  • "Love the vitamins. They are the perfect addition to my life."Or something like this....
  • "Your shopping list is great. I love knowing what you (Johanna) buy. Fun to see where your guilty pleasures are."
  • "I appreciated accepting little adjustments that will create success. I realized how making small changes will  make a bigger impact than I thought."
  • "I feel better about myself - less bloated, clothes are fitting better and I'm taking better care of myself."
  • "I learned good ways to use things I know are healthy but had a hard time incorporating into my diet like chia seed and coconut oil."
  • "Blissful Health was like having Johanna in my kitchen, telling me exactly what I need to know and what to check out."

    Or even this....

  • "I learned how important it is to recognize how foods make me feel and what foods give me energy and satisfaction. I learned that food does not need to be stressful and really, it is about "eating to live," not "living to eat."
  • "Now I'm limiting dairy quite a bit and it has helped my gastro issues a lot. :) I had no idea how badly dairy made me feel until I cut it out."
  • "Since sugar is a major weakness of mine, it was helpful to hear strategies in dealing with cravings.."
  • "The program really helped me to realize cooking at home wasn't impossible and didn't have to be stressful. It just requires planning."

You could very well be saying these things and more, soon enough.

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