drink mud, save $ and clear up your skin.

Put your best face forward.

Wait. Or is it, put your best foot forward?

Hmmm, I never good at remembering sayings, always messing up the key part. (It's part of my charm..right?!)

Oh well. Either way, face or foot needs to be ready to get out there and make a good first impression.

And when my face is super duper shiny and oily and just gross, the absolute last thing I want is for someone else to see me. We've all been there right? When you don't even want to leave the house because you and your skin are fighting. When you feel as if there isn't enough cover-up in the world to deal with the party on your face (that you weren't invited to.) And all that makeup and skin care products we are convinced are the answer ain't cheap.

Dare I say those spend-money-on-pricey-skincare-product-days are behind me. Yup. It wasn't until I opened up a bathroom cabinet, saw all the dust collected on a bunch of skin care products that I used to swear by, that made me realize how great my skin is.

Like, save-lots-of-$$-by-not-buying-pricey-skin-care-products-good.

Not only have I cleaned up my skin (yes, I did it) and saved myself hundreds of $$ a YEAR, but I started drinking mud in the process.

If you saying to yourself, "Mud? Clear skin? Saving $? Tell me more Johanna", I don't blame you. It's just all too much to keep to myself.

Click on the below to learn more. I know you are dying to hear about this mud part!

[youtube UllB0PqlDsc nolink]

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