Five easy tips to improve your health

Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Health  

Yesterday I was in downtown Portsmouth, NH purchasing a flax seed bar (for me) and coffee (for my man.) It was 8:30am. Already that morning I had a coaching session with a new client (whom I adore) and gone for a run just afterwards. The sun was out, the sky was nothing but blue and the temps were in the 50's (I think.) It felt like spring and I felt on top of the world.

The young man behind the counter taking my order, asked me how I was. My first response was "good" which I quickly changed to "great." In hindsight, I should have said "On top of the world." Just came back from a run, was drinking lots of water, had a decent night's sleep, was eating a flax seed bar. Physically I felt great.

I felt as if there was no issue big or small, that I couldn't handle. From that perch on top of the world, all the things that have been challenging for me, or getting under my skin or seem annoying appeared easily surmountable.

And my guess is, we've all been there (or are there.) But what about when you aren't feeling on top of the world?

Do you ever feel as if being healthy is just too hard? Unattainable? Out of your reach? Or even better, requires too much work?

Do the words "organic, chia seed, green smoothie and kale" sometimes make you want to run in the opposite direction?!

Ask yourself, How can I make being healthy easier?

From my perspective, being healthy is all relative. For one person, it might mean eating all local, organic fresh food. Yet to another person it might meaning trying to eat breakfast or drinking less coffee and more water. And no matter who you are, sometimes it just seems like too much work.

So allow me to break it down for you. In today's video, I've got five easy tips for you to improve your health. Today. Right now.

[youtube y6IU6khYhrE nolink]


Then, in the comments below tell me, Which tip are you going to focus on? Why did you pick that one?

Until next time - Eat well. Be happy. Love life.

xo Johanna

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