Get rid of your old underwear + other things to do today

life is too short to wear ripped or old underwear. make your new "lounging around the house clothes" your former "look nice" clothes

use the good china. sleep in if you want to. go to bed early.

paint your nails a crazy, out of the box color.

order something you wouldn't normally order next time you are at a restaurant.

write a loved one a note telling them how awesome they are. print out a hard copy of your fave photo.

purge your sock drawer. have a one night stand - maybe just emotionally.

put on make up. and perfume next time you leave the house.

pay more for organic. embrace the things that drive you crazy about your true love.

race up the next hill. take a sick day mid-week. go on a road trip.

have a pajama party with your best friend. rent a hotel room in your current town.


Johanna Voss is a Life Coach who will inspire you to make rewarding and empowering decisions around your health, life, love and career. She's a wellness nut, runner, cook, adventure seeker, bookworm, cafe dweller and non-stop smiling inspiration to everyone around her.

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