Getting personal this summer

Everyone is saying it, myself included.

"Where oh where did the summer go?"

Just the other day as I was filming today's video, I couldn't believe that it was already the dog days of summer. In fact, my neighbour went back to school today. Yikes! That makes summer pretty much about over.

I can't help but look back on the summer and smile. While I didn't chill out as much as I had anticpated (and hoped to) I did have a great summer.

So I thought for this week's video that I would share two things that went really well for me this summer. This video is a bit of a check-in on my life. I'm going to share a bit about me - ekk! So much of my videos are all about you and what challenges you are facing. But I want you know that so much of what I write and video about, stem from my own personal experiences.

And this week's video is no different.

Except I'm getting personal. So click to watch the video below. Then share with me how your summer is going. I'm itching to know!

[youtube n9V8DoEEbj8 nolink]

Keep smiling, Johanna ***

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