have you ever milked an almond?

Sometimes I feel like a little kid. That unabashed enthusiasm upon discovering something that is super exciting or new to me. But then realizing when you get older, that everyone else was already in on the secret. Um, almond milk. Yup. I made my own.

Kinda feel like that little kid. I was full on syked. Super proud of myself and quite impressed - with my blender abilities?

Almond milk was something that I have taken for granted. I mean, I go to the super market and it's there. I have some different brand options. Sweetened. Unsweetened.

But I never thought of making it myself. No idea why, but I just always assumed that it was harder than I had imagined - on the few times I had thought about it.

Until a few weeks ago. When I had a spark of inspiration. And a bag of almonds calling my name. And a blender that was up to the task.

Literally 5 minutes later, I had myself some almond milk. And my unabashed enthusiasm was uncontrollable.