Hearty Vegan Pumpkin Chickpea Chili Recipe (that's gluten free!)


It's March so it's cold out, no matter where you live. I was talking with a good friend in Savannah and apparently it was in the 20's last week. Now that's some frozen okra temperatures in the South. As a runner and someone who eats mostly vegan, I'm always on the lookout for plant based protein in my meals. Truthfully, it doesn't matter whether you eat animal or plant based protein, protein should be a part of all your meals.

You probably recall from middle school biology class that amino acids make up protein and they are, literally and figuratively, the building blocks of life.

Go on, google away as to why you need protein at every meal, but here's what you will remember.

Protein helps you feel full.

I notice that when I eat a meal without any protein, regardless of how much or little I eat, I'm hungry soon thereafter.

As soon as I saw this recipe, I scanned the list of ingredients and was delighted to see both chickpeas + black beans on the list.

(You know me. I've never met a chickpea I didn't like.)

Add in the pumpkin puree and I was sold. (Not to mention, it's a very colorful dish. #eattherainbow )

This recipe is for you my dear friends and family who are somewhere on the East Coast, buried under feet of snow.

Hearty Vegan Pumpkin Chickpea Chili (that's gluten free)



1 onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 green pepper, diced 1/2-1 tsp of salt Olive oil 1 c of fresh or frozen corn 1 can of pumpkin puree 1 can of diced tomatoes 1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed 1-3 tsp of chili powder 2 tsp cumin 1 c of veggie broth zest and juice of one lime Pepper to taste Cilantro to garnish

Saute onion in large skillet with olive oil. Add in garlic, green pepper and salt. Saute for about 15 minutes or until soft. Add in remaining ingredients and bring pot to a boil. When boiled, reduce heat to medium/low heat and simmer for 15 minutes until heated through. Garnish with cilantro.

Then pack it into tupperware and hide it in your fridge so you don't have to share it with anyone else.