How Breathing + Pompoms Help Me Overcome Fear

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Imagine that you are about to give a presentation to a room of strangers. Or imagine that perhaps you are about to pick up the phone to pitch an idea to a potential client. Or imagine that someone across the room catches your eye and you want to say hi.

Your next steps can be guided from one of two places - either love or fear.

Love - that's the one of rainbows and puppies and smiles and laughter and hugs and snuggles and unabounding joy. Love is the one of contentment and security and fulfillment. It's the one of yummy home cooked meals and cards sent by snail mail and unexpected phone calls from a long lost friend. Love is strong, unconditional and a dreamer.

Fear - that's the one of increased blood pressure and panic and being stuck and doubtful. Fear is the unknown and a world of what-ifs. It's un-trusting, resisting and weak and judgmental.

If you give that presentation or make that phone call or walk across that room from a place of love, it's going to go well. If you believe that people want you to succeed, you are right. And you will.

If you give that presentation from a place of fear, wallowing in a world of all the things that could go wrong, chances are, you'll be right too.

It seems a number of people operate from this place of fear. I totally get it. It's so much easier to think about all the ways in which a situation isn't going to work out. (I used to live here myself.) Why is that? And more importantly, if you are here and stuck, how on earth do you get out of it?!

Click on the video below to learn the four steps that I use to walk myself through my fears.

[youtube XkCwEYfyodg nolink]

And below, I want to hear from you.

What steps do you take to get yourself unstuck, to move through the fear? What do you do differently now than 5 years ago?

Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks so much for sharing.

Keep smiling,