How I spent my weekend


I just put a note in the mail to my parents and this is all I wrote,

"It's official. It was the best weekend ever."

From farmer's markets to getting dirty,

from long runs in the rain to exploratory bike rides,

from new friends and strawberries to old friends around the dinner table with eggplant plants,

from landing my first client for my newest project (more on that to come) to in person hugs,

from sweet dogs curled up at my feet to sitting on the porch watching the world go by,

from homemade chai tea with steamed almond milk to smoothies,

from laughter that makes you pee in your pants to spontaneous softball games with your neighbours, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

This weekend absolutely fed my soul.

Post run smoothie, yes please.

Love my greens.

All four of us, under the same roof, a rare sighting these days!

Can't go wrong with basil plants.


The Portsmouth Farmer's Market

Homemade chai with steamed almond milk.

Love the new additions to our family.

Tell me more about how you fed your soul this weekend. Leave a comment in the section below and I'll smile along with you.