how intolerant am i?

Go on. Jump to conclusions. Assume I am intolerant.

Because I am.

No silly, not of people. (Unless of course, well...never mind.)

But of lactose. (Did you see last week's newsletter? It was a huge hit, People loved that I said hell to the no to calcium supplements. Missed it? Click here.)

While I am not gluten intolerant, I do notice that my body just runs really well, like a M-A-C-H-I-N-E when I avoid gluten for a couple days. No biggie. Just sayin'.  But I mean, I am health coach so I am supposed to say these things, right?!

Right. Gluten intolerance. It's all the rage right? From cans of beans to bottles of water to apples being advertised as gluten free, it seems like it's a passing fad. This intolerance of gluten. But it's not. Not a fad that is. It's super duper hard to estimate how many people are afflicted with gluten issues (according to many sources, it's between 1 out of every 133 people or even as little as 1 out of every 100 people are afflicted with celiac's disease.)

Yes, I know I know. We don't actually know much about it. Nor can they (men and women in white coats) explain or clarify if celiac's on the rise or more doctors are diagnosing. Either way there is a rise of cases of people struggling with some form of gluten intolerance.

From my perspective, it's real. Actually I think it's a good thing. No, not that people have an intolerance per se, but more that people are talking about their food. They are talking about how they feel. And they are talking about how well their body responds (or doesn't) when something is eliminated.

Gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease highlights the importance of reading labels.

I know I know. Everyone and their mom is talking about how you have to read the label. And you really should. It's CRA-ZEE, all the things that are hidden in what we eat.

(But I shall save that soapbox for later.)

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What are you intolerant of? Leave a comment in the section below.