How not to let your healthy habits slide while travelling

When I tell people I've travelled around the world, I inevitably get asked,

"What do you mean - you travelled around the world?"

I mean I circumnavigated the globe in a plane (train, bus, rickshaw, boat and foot.) Boston to London + Spain, then South America, over to Oceania (New Zealand and Australia), stopping in Asia before landing back in London. 


This was 2009 and it was me, a little backpack and a now ex-boyfriend. 

A number of destinations were visited because there was Rock Climbing, hiking and/or outdoor adventuring.  And light as I thought my little backpack felt at the beginning of my trip, you'd better believe, there was times I thought I had a house on my back. 

Did I plan to stay healthy while on the road? Nope. I just turned it all over to the moment and let any control go about how, where and when I was to eat. 

But old habits die hard. Really,  really hard.

I can't stop cooking. I think cooking your own food is one of the best things you can do for your health. (So is sleeping, laughing and shaking what yo momma gave you.)

Don't matter where I am, what I'm doing, what language is spoken around me - I will find my way to the local grocery store and into the kitchen. 

Like I said, old habits die hard. 

Last week, I was in Tennessee to witness the gorgeous union of one of my favorite people in the world, Greg to his fabulous wife, Margo.

And wouldn't you know it, I found myself back in the kitchen and picking up items at the grocery store for my AirBnB host. 

I crave cooking. I crave visiting grocery stores while traveling. I crave poking around people's kitchens to understand them better. Yes, I will look in your bathroom cabinet as well, but I'm more curious about what's in your kitchen. 

Here are my tips on how not to let your healthy habits slide while traveling. 

1. Stay at an AirBnB that gives you access to a kitchen. You don't have to cook every single meal, but commit to making yourself breakfast. Or pack a lunch for your day out in the city exploring. Or at the very least, you'll have a place to keep snacks. 

2. Swing by the local grocery store and pick up a couple fresh items. Aim for veggies, fruits and real, fresh food. Think carrots or snap peas for snacks. Apples and bananas are great choices. Grab a box of spinach, packet of tuna and some veggies. #LUNCH

(The local grocery store in Chattanooga is called Publix. Do you think that's funny like I do?)

3. Bring some comforts of home. Pack tea that you love. Bring chamomile tea to ease you into sleep (if you have trouble sleeping on the road). 

4. Pack your sneakers. Sure, go for a run if you want but get your butt out and walk around your neighbourhood. If you're staying in an AirBnB place, make sure to pick a place that's in a cool place. Similar to poking around people's kitchen, walking around a neighbourhood is a great way to get a feel for the area. 

5. Find a juice bar and order a green juice. Chances are you're eating less veggies while on the road. 

6. Don't drink as much. It's soooo easy, especially if traveling for a wedding or work trip, to constantly have a drink in order. Order a seltzer with lime in between each adult beverage. 

7. Bring your customized, USANA health pack of vitamins along with you. Bottles won't cut the mustard while travelling. But your personalized health pack of vitamins sure makes it easy to keep on providing your body with optimal nutrition while on the road. #NoExcuses. 

Thanks Michaela Foulkes for the photo!

Thanks Michaela Foulkes for the photo!

8. Pack snacks or even lunch for the plane. If you're on a work trip and have zero control over your food choices, bring healthy snacks that will sustain you.

Before you even pack your bags, take a moment and commit to you. Commit to not throwing out all the great work that you do every single day to take care of your health, your body, your mind and your spirit. 

Commit to returning from your trip only a little depleted from your travels. (Depletion is inevitable. It just doesn't have to be the only thing that you're left with at the end of a trip.)

You are in charge of this. Even if you think that you're not (because it's a work trip) there are still some things you do. It might not be the best version of you, but make it your best version while traveling.