How to Beat the Winter Blues


Good morning, g'morning.

Oh and what a morning it is over here. A beautiful radiant blue sky, the wind is blowing across the harbor and the waves are quite choppy. It definitely makes me cold just looking across the bay. And to watch the birds and ducks dive down underwater - brrr! So hard to imagine doing that. (And no, not just because I am not a duck.)

Cold as it is, the blue sky and sun's rays are a welcome change after what has seemed like a l o n g couple weeks of grey skies, less than stellar sunrises and cold, gloomy clouds.


I don't know about you, but February? Ugh. It's hard at times to keep my spirits high. January is all right. I ride the wave of new beginnings and possibilities. Skip on over to March and well, that's my birthday month so I love March. But February? Ugh. Sometimes those winter blues set it and I feel a bit suffocated with the grey skies and February winds that whip around. Where I live the weather isn't pleasant enough to go out, but I've got a bit of cabin fever.

The cold doesn't bother me so much, but it's the perpetual grey cloud cover that I struggle with. Can't a girl just get a bit of sun?! I know that I am lucky that these winter blues aren't very life-altering as they are for some people. For me, I just feel as if I lose a bit of pep in my step. I am not bouncing out of bed as quickly. The smile isn't as big.

So you know what that means? It's time to get up and shake, shake, shake.....shake, shake, shake...shake my booty. (sung while dancing around my office. KC and the Sunshine Band....anyone? anyone?!)

Wait no. Shake, shake, shake those blues away. Unless of course the booty shaking does the trick. Perhaps I shall really go crazy and do BOTH! That'll really show the blues who is 'da boss.

In this week's video, there are 6 ideas on how to put a pep in your step, how to change your perspective to get out of the winter rut. Watch and learn how to shake away those winter blues.

I will prepare you ahead of time and say that my suggestions are probably things that you wouldn't think up doing on your own. Leave that crazy, out of the box thinking to me. But hopefully you will be able to walk away with one new idea to beat those winter blues and put a pep back into your step.

Click on the image below to watch the video.

[youtube _3xvl6zoKO0 nolink]

And I would LOVE to hear from you. Do you suffer from the winter blues? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment below.