How to cook once and eat 2-3 times.

I'm all about doing little, simple, itty bitty things that could change your life. I love me some efficiency and time maximization (super dorky but true.)

Big sweeping change is invigorating like taking a cold shower. You feel compelled to really take action. To step up your game. It's inspirational and super motivating.

It's sexy. It's fun. It's new.

But it's not sustainable. And I'm in this for the long half. 

Remember, life isn't a sprint - it's a (half) marathon. 

Today, in the name of all things dorky and time efficient-y, I want you to think about cooking once and eat 2-3x from those same efforts.

Perhaps one night you're eating a quinoa salad with chicken. Or a pasta dish loaded with veggies and edamame. Or rice with salmon and roasted veggies.

When you're boiling a cup of quinoa or brown rice for that salad, make 2 cups instead of just what you need for the recipe. 

When you're making pasta for your dinner, make extra. 

When you're roasting beets for your arugula salad, roast squash, sweet potato and carrots at the same time.

Then the next day, take that pasta dish (and the extra pasta that you cooked for this occasion and drizzled with oil so that it didn't stick while in a tupperware) and add different veggies to it along with tuna fish.

Or take that brown rice that you've always got in your fridge and open a can of beans + avocado + greens. 

Take the quinoa salad (or extra quinoa you've got already cooked) and add roasted veggies ('tis the season) and a hard boiled egg. 

The other hot tip is to double your recipe. 

Woah! So revolutionary right? (Seriously, sometimes the best ideas are looking at us smack in the face.)

I'm finding that this is the season when it's easy and so awesome to double recipes. Soup? Double or nothing. Stews? I'll take two.

The past few weeks I've been doubling recipes and freezing two-thirds of what I'm making.  It didn't take much (read: barely any) extra effort on my part and now, my freezer is stock with butternut squash soup, chickpea stew, pumpkin puree, muffins, chickpea burgers and all sorts of delicious-ness that I'll be so thankful for this winter.

The next time you're making dinner or rice or roasting veggies, do yourself a favor and make extra. 

You'll be so thankful you did the next time you open your freezer.