How to deal with your cravings

Who would have ever thought that Halloween could be re-scheduled? But for those of us in Sandy's path, that's been the cause. What a crazy few days. I hope that you are all safe and with power!

Have you been eyeing that basket filled with candy as it sits by your front door, waiting for the trick-o-treaters? Does the snickers bar call your name? Or maybe you're thinking those little bags of M&Ms are all yours?

Or have you been feasting on the candy corn?

Heck, maybe you aren't big on Halloween candy, but you are excited about all the sugar cookies and baked goods that await you this holiday season. Yum! Or maybe you looooove french fries (like me...wait...did I just write that?!)

Be it sugar, salt, something crunchy or bitter, we all deal with cravings.

Cravings. Ugh...I can hear your collective groans now! But au contraire my dear. I think cravings are a good thing.

Click on the photo below to learn why. AND learn what your different cravings mean and how to deal with them.

[youtube 0DoxxepmCm4 nolink]


Got other cravings? Click HERE  to learn how to deal with them.

What cravings do you have and how do you deal with them? Share with me how you tackle your cravings! Leave a comment below.

Keep smiling,

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