How much could you save with meal planning?

Taking a short pause here to share something a nutrition coaching client of mine shared with me yesterday. 

"Before I started working with you Johanna, I was eating out two meals a day.  Now, I bring my lunch to work everyday AND eat dinner in. Sure my grocery bill is higher than it was. But more importantly my eating out budget is 10% of what it used to."

His eating out budget is down by 90%. 

Believe me, I had him repeat that to me after he first said it. I swore that I misheard him wrong.

Since I've been meal planning for years (decades?) I think quite possibly I've forgotten how much money people spend on eating out, ordering takeout when they're exhausted at the end of the day, grabbing a quick bite from the company cafeteria or while entertaining company on a night out on town. 

How much do you spend on eating out? Or takeout when you're too wiped to make food?

Guessing you're usually not ordering for one right?

(At 37 years old and single, I feel like a rarity in our society. On that note, if you've got any single, awesome friends in the Boulder/Denver area, I'd love an intro.)

Back to you and your ordering out habits. I'll say conservatively you spend $20 per meal every time you eat out. I get that this is location dependent, influenced by lunch specials, tip, tax, etc etc. You do that 2-3x/week and you're looking at almost triple digits. On 2-3 meals out of 21 each week.

What if I told you that I spend less than $100 each week on my total grocery bill? More or less to eat 21 meals a week?

So, I'll ask you again, what's stopping you from meal planning? Spending a little bit of time on Saturday or Sunday to plan out say, two or three dinners in? Or bringing your lunch to work two or three times a week?

This client of mine, mind you, he brings deelish lunches to work that have become the envy of  his colleagues and co-workers. It's always better than whatever shitty cafeteria food they are eating or awful rubber chicken dish served up at some conference. 

If I've convinced you at all to consider making some food in your kitchen, however big or small it is, but you're totally stuck on where precisely to start, let's talk.

I want you to save money (and time!) so I'm setting aside 5 nutritional pow-wows for anyone who declares they want to save money by eating more homemade meals. 

CLICK here to email me to set up your time to talk with me. I'll share with you how I work and we'll see if it's a good match for what your situation. 

But don't delay - I'm only saving space for the first five people to respond. 

Do you want to be someone who reduces your eating out expenses by 90%?

Look forward to talking with you soon!