i don't practice witchcraft, but i do have rituals.

Mornings. The AM. La mañana.  After midnight. Ante meridiem. Aurora. Before lunch. Before noon. Break of day. Cockcrow. Crack of dawn. Dawn. Daybreak. Daylight. Dayspring. First blush. Foreday. Morn. Morningtide. Sunrise. Sunup. Wee hours.

If you are ever around me anytime before 10am and after 5am, consider yourself forewarned. Because I am quite literally, on fi-yah. I love the mornings. I cherish them. I embrace them. The most beautiful part of the day.  Want to bottle it up and put it in my pocket. Or on my desk. Wherever I can see it and smile.

Because the morning to me is possibility. It's time to be still. To be grateful. To be open. To shine my heart forward. And receive.

We all have our habits - good and bad. My morning ritual is one of the most sacred habits I have. Click on the image below to watch my video. You'll learn the 3 things I do every morning. That's right. 99% of success is just showing up. Now it's your turn. Leave a comment below, sharing your morning ritual.

[youtube QOzWYRIrF4A nolink]

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