I never regret when I go for the run. Always regret it when I don't.

I did it. It was a cold, gross and I mean GROSS day out. Sleeting rain. Sideways! (as if sleeting rain isn't bad enough.)

The temperature was most definitely south of freezing.

The first three or so hours of the day had been spent by me, snuggled up by the wood stove, working away, listening to the wind whistle around outside.  On occasion, the branches would scratch the windows and cause me to jump.

Going for a run was the last, absolute last thing on my mind. Every part of my bones and muscles was telling the rest of me to skip the run today. That it would be better weather tomorrow.

Taking a moment to peruse the internet, thinking that after all that hard work this morning, I had earned an internet break.

But the universe wasn't having any of it because I opened up the internet to this tweet via Greatist.


This post gave voice to the one small part of me, beginning as just a whisper, that was murmuring,

"You never regret it when you go. You always regret it when you don't."

And then that whisper got louder and louder. Until it drove me to lace up my sneaks, riffle through the glove box for my fuzzy hat and running gloves. It pushed me out the door.

Making good choices

So what healthy choice could you make today?