I think you are going to like this

Hiya! I'm writing this for you because at some point while knowing you, we've talked about food. Maybe virtually and maybe just via you reading my blog. But we've got a dialogue going.

Maybe we talked about what we buy at the grocery store. Perhaps we've discussed the "omg-it's-5pm-I'm-hungry-what-to-cook-for-dinner" moment. I might have even shared with you how I deal with that. Maybe you've asked me for some recipes on kale. (Kale chips anyone?)

And I am pretty sure at some point, you've asked me what I eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.I've spent some time thinking about you and our conversations. How you are always looking for good, healthy, easy recipes. And how we both are always on the hunt for food inspiration.

And then, this popped into my head --> March Madness... In Your Kitchen.   Why not put it all together in one space for everybody?March Madness....In Your Kitchen is  4 weeks of me sharing what I know about leafy green veggies, beans, grains and root veggies.

Here's what is waiting for you:

  • (4) 20 min audios on each of the topics I just mentioned (green veggies, beans, grains and root veggies.) I'm going to tell you what I do with them, why you should eat them,  how to prepare 'em and how to store 'em.
  • Oodles of recipes each week that range from super simple to just plain simple to make. All delicious and some of my fave recipes.
  • An online forum to swap recipes and inspiration. It's already a great place to meet other like minded people and learn what they are trying and experimenting with.  No doubt you will find a kindred spirit (or two.)
  • Our own private pinterest board to share your fave recipes.All for $25. Total. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The only piece missing is you. Will you join me? 

xx Johanna

PS. If you aren't interested, would you do me a favor and tell a friend who needs some kitchen and food inspiration? Thanks.

PPS. And if you are a current or aspiring health coach, feel free to join March Madness to see how I do things.