IIN Tuiton Goes Up This Friday to $5995. Save money and enroll now!


You may know I love my job. Absolutely love it, wouldn't change it for the world. It gets me out of bed each morning

Yup, my job as a health coach. I spend my days encouraging and inspiring you to eat yo' veggies, to chuck the bad stuff out of your diet, to embrace water, to say adios to that sugar addiction and "Hello sneakers and yoga mat!"

It was three years ago this month that I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, sending me on a path during which I've never looked back.

And starting on Friday, November 1st, tuition will be going up to $5995.

Don't freak out though.

You can still enroll at the 2013 tuition cost for the October 2013 class OR January 2014 class. But you must enroll by Friday, November 1st.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Download the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Course Catalog --> Course Catalog HERE

2. Call the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to enroll and tell them that Johanna Voss sent you.

3. Call the head of admissions, Coach Blair, at 877-733-1520 or email her at coachblair(at)integrativenutrition.com. Tell her Johanna Voss sent you and she'll take care of you.

4. And of course, you can always email me johanna(at)johannavoss.com or call me at 508 524 1726 with any sort of questions.

Why the tuition increase?

While IIN has experienced incredible growth over the past few years, both in terms of our curriculum and the number of staff required to maintain our program and students, the tuition has remained the same.And now, to continue our efforts in providing students with the best quality of educational content using cutting edge technology, we must increase the cost of our program.

This will not only allow us to make continuous improvements based on your feedback, it will support spreading IIN’s mission of health and happiness via charitable donations, alumni initiatives, and government policy.

We believe all of this will greatly enhance the experience of new students, and it will strengthen the global impact we’ll make in the world together.

Whether you enroll now or you enroll in 2014, the Health Coaching Program from the Institute of Integrative is world class, top notch and an amazing valuable.

Best of luck!