I'm better than Group-on! Time sensitive!

You may have heard. I'm running a program called Blissful Health (And a Hot Body!) Yup, I'm shouting about it from the rooftops and asking all my friends to talk about it non-stopl (love you all for your support!)

Why? Because Blissful Health (And a Hot Body!) is your golden ticket to reboot what you are putting into your mouth, how you are feeding your body and finessing just a couple, simple things so that you are your healthiest, happiest self.

If you feel 100% satisfied with what's in your pantry, what you bring for lunch at work, how much exercise you are getting, the amount of green veggies and real food you eat, then read no further.

But if you are not 110% satisfied with what's on your plate every day, how often you lace up those sneaks and break a sweat, then what on earth are you waiting for? You need hop to it and sign up for my program, a 28 day online Nutrition Event.

Why am I getting all pushy about you signing up right now? Because today, Friday the 20th at 5pm EST is the L A S T D A Y to register. There are only a few spots left and I won't be running this program until 2014.

So why keep up with those excuses of "Oh, I'll do it when the kids are back into their school routine." Or, "After this wedding I have on Columbus Day weekend, then I'll get with the program."

My good friend Sarah had to say "If you've been wanting to reboot your diet, exercise routine, etc...or just make small changes to be healthier, look into my friend Johanna's awesome program, Blissful Health (And a Hot Body!). She's fantastic!"

If you are ready to pull the trigger and sign up, go HERE --> $125, SIGN ME UP NOW!

For $125, this is what's in store for you:

  • 28 days of content as described below (read more here.) You’ll get 4-5 short videos each week + recipes to inspire you to get into the kitchen + additional resources for more information
  • A highly-absorbable calcium, magnesium + vitamin D supplement; critical for both women’s health and athletic performance & recovery.
  • A double distilled, mercury-free fish oil/omega-3 supplement for cardiovascular health (that doesn’t smell or tasty fishy. Bonus!)
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement to support your digestive health.
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzyme
  • Lifetime membership to our private online community, just for us on our Blissful Health (And a Hot Body!) journey
  • (4) weekly,- live Q&A calls, during which you can ask-me-anything, connect with others and get inspired
  • Bonus 30 minute 1:1 power coaching session at the end of the program

And a little teaser of what I'm going to teach you:

  • The core concept of Bio-individuality: No one diet works for everyone. Explore different ways of eating in order to help you discover a personalized approach that is appropriate for you depending on your age, health, activity level,  lifestyle goals, personal tastes and preferences.
  • You will learn why cravings are a good thing
  • You will learn how to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without opening a box or a bag
  • You will learn how to make meal planning less stressful
  • You will learn why you struggle to make your good, healthy intentions actually become habits!
  • You will learn what to buy at the grocery store
  • You will learn how to save money even when eating healthy
  • You will learn why and how to kick that sweet sugar habit of yours
  • You will learn how to prepare more nutritionally dense meals for yourself
  • You will learns which organic food to eats and which ones are okay to skip
  • You will learn what superfoods are and why on earth everyone is talking about them
  • You will learn 25+ ways to prepare kale and quinoa
  • You will learn all about chia, flax and hemp seeds and why they need to be part of your diet



If, for whatever reason, you need more convincing to join in the fun (that will result in a happier, healthier, less stressed you), listen to this:

"Looking for a way to feel really, really good?This is a great 28-day program to get you back on track and feeling fabulous! It starts Sunday, so get the ball rolling and then tell Johanna that BrilliantBeautifulBrave is rooting for your health!"

Still not convinced?

The fabulous Haylee  Nye out in the Northwest says, "Is anyone looking for a health coach to kick your butt into gear?? My amazing friend and health coach is doing a 28 day wellness program starting this Sunday (22nd) for only $125. Not only do you get her amazing knowledge and support, but also essential health supplements that will give you a big boost on your wellness track. Check it out, it's the best deal I've seen in a long while. Beats groupon by a long shot!"

I mean, I'm better than Group-on!

And this is what my dear friend Jessica Todd, queen of the Portsmouth Hair Salon scene had to say "Johanna Voss is amazing!! If anyone is interested in making small changes in your life that will have BIG results on your health YOU MUST get in touch with her! She is running an amazing program called 'Blissful Health', that is great for anyone, but especially a busy person!" (If anyone knows busy it's her!)

Will you just join us? We're all here waiting for ya!