I'm half crazy. Are you?

HalfCrazyCollageI'm half crazy. And there's proof. The half-marathon has been the fasting growing road distance in the country since 2003. For six consecutive years, the number of finishers has grown by 10 percent or more each year. An estimated record 1.6 million people finished half-marathons in 2011, more than tripling the total number of finishers in 2000 (482,000).

The skyrocketing participation in running has been largely led by women. In 2004, 49% of people who finished a half marathon were female. Today, women make up 59% of all half marathon finishers.

See? Statistics don't lie! I'm not the only one who loves running the 13.1 distance. And love it I do. I've run eight half marathons to date and still counting.

If you, or someone you know, is thinking about running a half marathon, it can be quite overwhelming.  There is so much to think about....mostly food questions will take over your brain.

You'll wonder about everything from what shoes to buy to how much to run.  You'll wonder "what if I've never run more than 3 miles?" And then you'll worry about food - "How do I eat? What do I eat? WHEN do I eat - OMG eat and run? Yikes!"

Luckily there are so many resources available to you. There are running plans galore to answer your training questions. There are local running stores everywhere who can answer your shoe questions. And there's me to answer your food and nutrition questions.

If you find yourself pondering:

  • About what to eat BEFORE a long run
  • How best to recover AFTER a long run
  • Your girlfriend convinced you to sign up for a half but you have no idea how to train or prepare for race day
  • You’ve questioned what food + drink to carry with you during your long runs and during the race. Gu? Gummy bears? Nothing? PB&J sandwich?
  • You’re signed up for your second or third half marathon and this time around, you want to have more energy during training
  • You want to lose weight, not gain weight
  • Can you really run and eat anything?
  • You’re hungry all the time while training! What gives?

When it comes to food and nutrition, there aren't one size fits all answers. What works for your body to fuel it well for optimal performance doesn't necessarily work the same for someone else. Your running buddy's ideal combo of food could be a different than yours.  And what your body needs during the first couple weeks of training will most definitely be different that what it needs during those weeks leading up to and on race day.

If you understand that figuring out your food and nutrition for optimal training also takes time, then keep on reading.

JBVHalfCrazyMain#2My 12 week nutrition program for half marathoners called "We're Half Crazy" is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know about how to fuel your body with the right combo of foods.  It's the only training program that talks about nutrition every single week.

As a result of this 12 week program, you will feel as ready as humanly possible on race day.  Your body will be well nutriented and properly fueled to keep your energy level high during training. You’ll know exactly what to eat when you come back from your long run, just before you put your legs up on the sofa to binge watch House of Cards. You will know what to buy at Whole Foods, which food aisles to spend time in and which ones to skip. You will know how to make the most of your rest days and what to wear on race day.

Here’s what you get when you join “We’re Half Crazy : A 12 week nutrition program for half marathoners

  • (12) 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls, all focused on you + your training
  • 12 week supply of the #1 rated Multivitamin, a Fish Oil and Vitamin D supplement to support your health and recovery
  • (12) weekly 10-20 minute audios covering the following topics: Week one : Importance of eating well and hydration while training for half marathon Week two :  What exactly is real, whole food and what do you do with it? Week three : How green are you? Week four : Grains Week five : Plant Based Protein Week six :  What to eat before and after working out Week seven : How to Eat Healthy On a Budget Week eight : Importance of supplementation Week nine : Importance of sleep/rest Week ten : Superfoods Week eleven : Nuts and Seeds Week twelve : How to stay healthy when working out ++ A few Bonus audios

All that for $600.





I hope that if you are running a half marathon this year, you and I can work together to make sure that you have the best training experience and race day.

Here's to being half crazy!

Happy trails,