I'm not going vegan this January

I've decided I'm not going vegan this year. I thought about it. It seemed like a great idea at the time. I could see my blog posts already... vegan"Health Coach goes Vegan! Has amazing energy!"

Resolutions are all about change and doing this big dramatic thing. Yet...ultimately big sweeping changes aren't going to be super sustainable if they aren't at the heart of what you really, truly want.

As a vegan, I'd feel good consuming whole, real food + lotsa veggies. I'd be super healthy. Hell, even Beyonce and Jay Z are (were?) vegan. That's reason enough right?

But wait. Hold up. Slow the horses.

I already eat lotsa veggies. I hardly ever eat meat. My diet is already super duper squeaky clean. I've got eating whole, real food that doesn't come out of a box or bag down to a science.

Truthfully, I'm only a couple steps away from being 100% vegan. I know that it's not a super hard transition for me to do. Eating a vegan diet works really well for me - my body thrives on a 100% plant based diet.

While my body may thrive on a vegan diet, it REALLY comes alive when I'm eating eggs and honey a couple times a week. And I really, really like my post run egg + avocado + Ezekiel toast snack.

Thinking this through, I realized I was persuaded by peer pressure. I was all in on the Go Vegan New Year's Resolution band wagon because it's the time for that. It's the time of the year to clean out the pantry (and buy foods you've never seen before.) It's the time of the year to join that gym you haven't stepped foot in (during the entire seven years you've lived down the block from it.)

When I decided that going vegan this January wasn't in the cards, I realized a couple other things as well.

Resolutions are all about change and doing this big dramatic thing. Yet...ultimately big sweeping changes aren't going to be super sustainable if they aren't at the heart of what you really, truly want..

So what if the health coach decides not to go vegan? Then what? Drum roll please....

Instead, this health coach is committing to taking it one day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout and one small change at a time.

In fact, I've seen wayyyy better results personally, (and with my clients), when I've focused on tweaking just one thing at a time and NOT going all hog wild when it comes to changing up my healthy tune. (Vegan hog wild of course..)

I'll bet you are in the same boat. You don't want to get caught up in resolution insanity either this time of the year. In fact, I'll bet you are so busy that you've 2014 down to just one thing that you want to focus on.

----> Enjoy working out. Add more variety to your diet. Become kitchen inspired. Wake up rested. Manage your stress better. <----

And with that in mind, I created Motivational Feast.

It's a loving kick in your Lululemon Pants to get your healthy butt in gear.

You already know the one thing that you want to do better this year.  And you already know that with the best of intentions, life gets in your way ('cuz you've been wanting to do this one thing for ages now right?)

Let's kick the excuses to the curb. Say "Peace out!" to whatever trips you up and "HELLO!" to more motivation and inspiration than you know what to do with. THAT will get you over your obstacles, distractions and temptations. One simple action everyday for 28 days? Puh-lease. I'll bet you can't even imagine the person you'll be.

It boils down to this --> You know when you move your butt on a regular basis and don't eat crappy food, you like yourself better. In fact, so does everyone else.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

You and me. Let's focus on changing something starting January 19th for 28 straight days. You commit to that one healthy thing that you want to have happen in 2014. I will motivate and inspire the HELL out of you to make it happen. Yup, I'm going to be your own personal cheerleader.

Go here to learn more (do you need more convincing?) and register for Motivational Feast.  --> http://johannavoss.com/motivational-feast/

(When you register you'll receive daily recipe inspiration with workout tips, a new song for your playlist, one of my favorite quotes + an inspirational story. For 28 days. Oh, and you'll also get four live weekly coaching calls AND a super charged daily multivitamin, double distilled fish oil AND my fave protein shake + blender bottle.)

Think about what you want to do better for yourself (move that booty, eat more veggies, consume less sugar, no more food grazing).  Think about how badly you want this one thing to happen. Think about how awesome it will be when it does.

Then smile, take a deep breath and say "Hell yeah, Johanna, let's do this!"

Register for Motivational Feast HERE --> http://johannavoss.com/motivational-feast/