Let's talk about you for a moment.

Are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking? How on earth did it get to be September already?! And September 3rd to boot! Yikes!

Gotta tell you tho, much as I love love love the summer + sun + sand between my toes + wearing less clothing (!), there is something about the fall that speaks to me.

It could be wearing hot, snazzy tall boots with skinny jeans, a scarf and feeling sassy. It could be the cooler temps making for a more ideal morning run (adios humidity!) It could be the reds, oranges and yellows that paint New England.

Or it could be the routine and opportunity to hit the reset button on my life that I feel always happens this time of the year. September is like January 2.0

You know what I mean right?

  • Time to get back into feel good habits (less booze with bottomless plates of fried seafood + nachos.)
  • No more summer vacations to disrupt our workout schedule (you used to have one right?)
  • Earlier bed times so that we're more rested and not surviving solely on long summer days.

Are you groaning right about now, cursing me for even bringing this up?

Perhaps you are thinking, "Johanna, those are all things I've avoided contemplating. Until now. Yup, totally need to get back to being a regular at the gym and into a schedule, but ugh. Damn you!"

I'm smiling because I can just imagine your nose crinkled up knowing you need to get your healthy habits back on track. But knowing it's not exactly what you feel like tackling.

Because you've got a lot on your plate.

Project at work to manage.  Just got engaged. Road race coming up. BFF's bachelorette + bridal shower.

I'm certain the idea of figuring out what to eat, when to squeeze in exercise and actually spending valuable time getting your healthy action plan together (you know that's exactly what you need right now) is the LAST thing you want to do.

Well lucky you because I've spent all summer thinking about this exact moment. I make it my job to make being healthy easier for you.

Let me ask you this,

How blissful is your health right now?

Does it actually stress you out a bit to think about being a healthier version of you?

Even though you know you could/should be eating more veggies, preparing more meals at home, working out more often and taking a bit better care of yourself?

Wait. What? You hesitated before answering yes? Good. Just what I thought might happen.

I've got you covered. Click below and you'll see just how.


To your bliss,