Making Sushi made easy

The hardest part of making sushi is THINKING that it's hard. Because it's not. It is labor intensive. And yes, you have to have some of the tools + accoutrements.

(Bamboo rolling mat. Sharp knife. Wooden Spoon.)

But grab yo'self a bag of rice. Some veggies. Some fish - if you want. And go hog, er, fish wild.

First you need to make sushi rice - this is short grained riced that you can usually easily find in the grocery store.  When you find a sushi recipe that you like, make sure you follow the instructions about making the rice. It's done a bit differently - you sweeten it with a combo of vinegar + sugar. And you also spread it out and let it cool, moving it around with a wooden spoon before you use it.

Then you prep the stuff, ya know, whatever you want to put with the rice. On this occasion, we did veggies (cucumbers, carrots + avocado.) We added some tofu cream cheese and shrimp, scallops + tuna.

And I think this is the part that scares people away - the actual assembling of sushi rolls. Yes, I do think it's something that happens trial by error. You just gotta practice it. My sushi rolls are by no means the prettiest out there, but they sure do taste good. It's fun to assemble different combos of food and see what assortments you can come up with. Definitely less is more here - as in you need less rice + other stuff per roll than you think. Once you start rolling, the roll gets big quickly.

And a tip here for the bamboo mat which you use for rolling: wrap it in plastic wrap before you start. This way you can keep the little bits out between each tiny piece of bamboo. Otherwise, it's hard as heck to clean!

While you may be intimidated to prepare sushi, just think of how impressed your friends and family will be when you do!



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