Month long Media Fast

Dear The Wire, Homeland, Mad Men and others,
I love you, but we're breaking up. It's not you, it's is you. We need to see other people.
xx Johanna

I've decided that I need a month long, self imposed media, TV fast. It's funny because we don't have a television. Which is great because we don't have to deal with cable bills or useless TV time or knowing exactly what the RHONJ are fighting over now. But it means that we get our shows from the internet because my man has a beautiful Apple Monitor he uses for work. It's hooked up to a laptop, which has the internet and well, need I say more?

So he finds a show that he thinks might be interesting (his track record is pretty good.) He'll download a couple episodes *just in case we like it.* And then next thing I know, one episode turns into another and its wayyyy past my bedtime.

I don't mind watching television and I truly have enjoyed the shows that we've gotten sucked into. I mean Mad Men, The Wire and Homeland? They had me on the edge of the seat which was awesome. But I've been watching these shows to the detriment of other things that I love doing.

Hey there books collecting dust in the pile next to my bed! Well, hello there kitchen and cookbooks calling out to me! Hiya super hot fun boyfriend who also works a ton and we haven't spent much QT together lately!

The plan for February? I'm allowing myself one hour of TV a week and it's already been allocated to Downton Abbey.

So that leaves me ample time to get on with things that I love to do.

Funnily enough, I started this media fast last Monday, on the 28th of January. What? I couldn't wait. And already it's proven to pay off. I have my nose into a couple books which makes me super duper happy (I could lose myself in books all day long.) I've cooked a couple new recipes (coming soon to a blog near you.) I've gotten better sleep because I've started my bedtime routine sooner AND crawled into bed to read. And my man and I have had some good, quality conversations and laughs.

So there you have it and you now know where NOT to find me this month.

What about you? How would you benefit from having less TV  watching time this month?