My 9 rules for eating

Lately I've had the pleasure of eating out with some new friends. I love it because it's new people to convert to my breakfast of champions and lifestyle of kale, quinoa and miso soup. Oh wait. I meant, it's a great opportunity to share with people how and what I eat.

(Always entertaining for people who eat a lot of food out of a box and a bag. "How do you spell this keen-wah you keep talking about?")

Inevitably, food conversations around me always end up with rapid fire style Q&A.

"Do you eat this? Is this okay? What about this? Or this? I ate this for lunch. Is that bad?"

Woah nelly. I am by no means the lady with all the answers (although I'm more than happy to offer my opinion, solicited or not.)

At the end of the day, I too am human. (On occasion, I'm superhuman. But for the most part, human. Just like you.)

And yes, I do spend more than the "average" person thinking about, making and organizing food.

While I like to think that I'm totally open to new recipes (so long as there's no dairy), new cuisines (yes please) and new dishes (better if someone else made it), I've definitely got a few rules that guide my choices.

1. Make the best choice in the moment

Sometimes I'm really craving a lot of veggies. And I didn't plan ahead. Or I've got a last minute hunger pang out of nowhere so I detour to a deli. Or bagel shop. Or something that looks like it might have real, living food under it's roof. This might mean that sometimes I'll make up a new sandwich or egg muffin thingy with whatever veggies are available. It might not be the best choice ever, but it is in that moment.

2. Avoid lactose.

This is pretty self explanatory. I've been lactose intolerant since 2000. Once in a blue moon, there's a party celebration going on and oh, that cake looks divine. So I'll have a bite and do my best to keep it to a bite. Otherwise, I avoid lactose 'cuz it ain't pretty or comfortable. It's really best for everyone.

3. Always choose water. Never drink soda.

I see absolutely no need to drink it. It's full of sugar, perservatives and toxic chemicals.  It doesn't serve me and my body sure deserves better. 'Nuff said.

4. Don't beat myself up for my food choices

I'm human. And sometimes, I might eat the entire piece of cake that has butter and cream. Or I might eat popcorn for dinner. Sure don't lose my marbles over these rare moments. I just make sure they are rare moments.

5. Find ways to add color to my plate

No matter where I am, at home, at some fancy schmancy dinner or out with friends, I do try my darndest to eat the rainbow.

6. Enjoy food.

Food sure is the best fuel for me to run like Forrest Gump (which is all anyone thinks I do anyway) but ultimately I love food - it's social, it's entertaining, it's educational and it's fun.

7. Meal plan

This is a life saver. This is a game changer. It revolutionizes my life and my running. I am like a broken record with my clients, talking to them about meal planning. Yet on the days when I don't plan ahead, I'm flailing around, with no clue what to eat. While it doesn't always happen, I try and take time for it every single weekend.

8. Eat real food.

Most of the food I eat is an ingredient. It doesn't have a label on it. Yes, this does mean lots of dirty dishes, but the upside is that my body runs like clockwork and a well - oiled least that's what I tell myself.  Try try try to eat real food.

9. Everything in moderation.

It's not what you do every once in awhile that'll creep up and bite ya in the rear one of these days. It's what you do day in and day out, so take a look at your habits and see what they say about you.

What guidelines or rules do you follow when it comes to eating?