My favorite Post Run Snack - English muffin, avocado, honey and PB


I love me some running. And I love me some eating. So when I come back from a run, don't get between me and my food. That's all I'm saying or you will see a side of me that well, isn't my best side.

When I walk in that door, I head straight for the kitchen and to make one of my favorite post workout snacks.

My fave post workout snack.

A toasted English muffin, one side slathered in avocado + an egg, the other side covered in honey and peanut butter.


Okay, maybe not slathered, but you get the idea.


And I love it on so many levels.

  • Protein. After a good workout or a long run, I need some protein to help support my muscles. Amino acids are the building blocks my body is screaming for.  The egg and peanut butter take care of that for me.

  • Carbs. Yup, need to replace what I just burned off. This is where the English Muffin comes in. It's not too much bread for me AND a perfect vehicle to deliver me the goods!

  • The sweetness. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, unless it's for things that are naturally sweet, like honey. And the honey is also great to curb that craving of instant energy to keep myself going post workout.

  • Fat. The avocado brings some good fat into the mix, making me feel full as well as adding some fiber to my snack. Avocados also give me some Vitamins A, C and K among other bonus nutritional nuggets. I don't go overboard here and usually half an avocado does the trick.

What's your fave post workout snack? Share in the comments below.