My life is too spicy! I need your help.


My life, if you read last week's newsletter is awesome. Just plain ol' awesome. But believe it or not, it's too damn spicy. Yup, my life has too much spice in it.

So much so, that it's taking over parts of my kitchen cabinets and making it difficult to find anything. All this spiciness is rendering cooking pretty tricky.

What's a girl to do with all this spice in her life? I open the door and before I've even reached for anything, I'm sighing. And breathing deeply. And squinting my eyes while furrowing my brow as I begin my hunt for whatever spice is called for.

The ones I use all the time are in there somewhere. I just don't know exactly where. We've got bags and bottles, jars and tubs. They stand up on one end and in piles in the other. At quick count, we've got 15+ little bags of spices. Fifteen little bags of spices!

The spices are taking over two cabinets. Two cabinets. Usually people have a problem with tupperware or summer quash taking over the kitchen, but in my world it's spices.

Here's just a peek at some of the spices we are housing--> Yellow Mustard Seed, Sumac (two bags of it!), Dried Ancho Chiles, Majoram, Lavender, Blue Poppy Seed, All Spice, Star Anise and Fenugreek.

And what pray tell do we use these spices for you may just be wondering. Well lately my man is on a Moroccan kick, which explains the Star Anise and Fenugreek....I think....Or does it?

I tend to reach for cinnamon, curry powder, cumin and coriander. Random fact, if I was stuck on an island and could only bring 4 spices (bear with me here, it's a crazy enough scenario to begin with anyway) I would have those four spices + ginger and nutmeg in my pocket.

Those are some of my fave ones to add to roasting sweet potatoes (cinnamon), stir fry dishes (curry powder), veggies burrito dishes (cumin) and homemade dressings (coriander.)

So here's my dilemma and how I need your help.

How do I organize the spiciness in my life? How do I bring organization to my kitchen in regards to the spices which are currently taking over my kitchen cabinets?

Yup, I'm a health coach and I need your help. It's situation we need resolved ASAP.

(Actually, it's a situation that I need resolved STAT. I'm not sure how motivated my man is to figure out a better system! But all this spiciness is driving me crazy!)

How would you organize my spice situation? How do you organize your spices? Do you also have bags of spices? Or did you move them into something else?

Send me your ideas and inspiration. There are a gazillion ways to reach me. 1. Tag me on Instagram @JohannaVoss. 2. Pin your idea on Pinterest @jbvoss 3. Tweet it to me @JohannaVoss. 4. Leave a comment HERE.

However you do it, just please share your organization tips with me. Clearly I need to get my spiciness situation under control.

Love and ground cumin,

xx Johanna